Sugar Free Fondant Recipe

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Diabetic Cake Fondant

This week for Sugar Free Sunday, I decided to make Sugar Free Marshmallow Fondant. I love making celebration cakes for friends and family, but when I use ordinary fondant, some of my family can’t enjoy the cake because of the vast amounts of sugar in the icing.

So to ensure everyone can enjoy my bakes, I have been using this recipe to make sugar free fondant.


Tinder Shutdowns Part 4

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Its that time again; where we get to revel in the stupidity that is Online dating – no longer limited to Tinder shutdowns I might add… I’ve branched out. How exciting.

The first one comes in the form of a joke that even my dad wouldn’t tell… anymore. Nice one Brad, I’m sure you’re school report was often filled with ‘Must try harder.’

Tinder Shut Down’s Part 3

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Online dating at its finest…

Its that time again, where I look through my dating app screenshots and share the very best of them with you all!




Literally the first thing he said to me. I think I missed the first half of the conversation.



He called me sassy then promptly deleted me. 



Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of this one.



One minute I’m cute…


Then sexy


Then I’m fat… I also tried a lyric prank, but turns out I’m far better at the passive aggressive shut downs.





Hope you enjoy!


Nicole x

Bumble Social Experiment

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Lets talk about Online Dating…

I am no stranger to Online Dating, in fact, I’d call myself an online dating veteran. From Tinder to PoF, Match to Zoosk, and a very brief stint on uniform dating, I’ve tried a heck of a lot.


How I Prepare for a Date

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Its all about the preparation!

The key to a successful date is to be prepared!

When I get asked on a date, I like to plan the whole thing in my head a few days in advance, y’know, so I know where to go, how to get there, where to park, what drink I’ll order and  what conversation we’re going to have, the norm, obvs.

Tinder Shutdowns Part Two

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The second instalment of random Tinder Screenshots from my phone.

If you haven’t seen the first one, I’ll link it here

Without further ado, lets begin…



This is my favourite by far!


Pretty ballsy, no?


The truth hurts.


I must have been feeling particularly kind that day…




This isn’t a tinder message, as you can see but I couldn’t not address this. This guy messaged me on Facebook, telling me about his tragic life and then proceeded to tell me that ‘he doesn’t mind being with me.’ Pretty much what every girl wants to hear. That is the equivalent of ‘Eh, you’ll do.’ which ironically is the exact message on the last Valentines Day Card I received.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this second instalment, let me know if you’d like some more!



Nicole x

What I Hate About Dating.

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I love dating, but …

Here are the 10 things I hate about it!

  1. The 30 minutes before the date. What time shall I leave, I can’t be the first one there. Where can I park? Oh the anxiety.
    .         .
  2. The initial meet. Do you go in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek, or is it more of a handshake jobbie?  What if I go in for a hug and he goes for a handshake and subsequently loses his hand in my somewhat un-toned stomach?!   Just like something out of a freaking horror film!….       

My Favourite Tinder Shutdowns


I feel like I’ve really grown and developed as a person over the last year. I’m much more mature and can adult with the best of them (look out for a blog post about my adulting skills!)

Y’know, I’m 24 now, I should really be at the point where I’m getting my act together. Its a real chore, but slowly things seem to be coming together. I’ve really embraced hitting my mid-twenties and feel as though I’ve propelled myself into being a fully functioning adult.

The same cannot be said for some frequent flyers on Air Tinder.




Sexists on Tinder who ask me for sex,

stupid drunk lads that look like my ex,

Shutting them down and making them frown,

these are a few of my favourite things…


These are just a few conversation stoppers. I’ve got a fair few more, so I may well do a part 2!


Nicole x

Tinder Re-Match


A few months ago, I went on a date with a guy from Tinder, I didn’t blog it because there was actually nothing to say about it. It was short, boring and ultimately didn’t lead to a second date, or any further contact in fact.

I filed him in the failed dates column and never gave him a second thought. Well, until last month, I was browsing plenty of fish one evening and I saw that I had a new view. How exciting. I tapped the screen to show me which handsome prince was contemplating whisking me off on his white horse, but as usual I was disappointed with the result. It was the guy from that date. Perhaps he was just curious to see what my profile said, after our dull date? I shrugged it off, then switched my attention to Tinder, gotta get on that Husband Hunt so that means getting my swipe on.

So I’m frantically swiping through the sea of shirtless selfies and group photos when a face that I recognised graced my screen. Its only that guy from the boring date. My swiping finger poised ready to strike when I had a thought. Should I swipe right to see if he’s swiped right on me again? Nah….. oh go on then.

He only bloody had! I know I’m a catch, but after our snoozefest of  a date, I had assumed that he had drawn the same conclusion that I had. He was a nice enough bloke, but the only reason I’d want to speak with him again is if my insomnia flared up and I needed a monotone voice telling me in detail about the paperwork he was filing.


Safe to say I unmatched him then and there, and will not be swiping right if I see him again!


Love Nicole x

Why am I single?

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Oh that age old question that has haunted me for years, prompting tears, tantrums and ultimately tequila.


Because I am oh-so original, I decided to let the internet put me out of my misery and tell me why I’m still ticking that ‘single’ box on all forms known to man.


I went on to this website, and set out to answer every damn question as honestly as possible.


Cue classic Bridget Jones photo.


  1. You’re sat in a café and an attractive guy keeps glancing at you. How do you react?


Totes the last one, I mean, I’m just trying to enjoy my Skinny Caramel Macchiato without this guys eyes assessing my every damn move. Weirdo..

2.  When you complain about your singleton status, what do you friends tend to say to you?


Quick whatsapp to the girls and its decided, the top one, definitely the top one.

3. How do you react when you fancy someone?


Option 3. #ShamelessFlirt

4. How would you define your ideal man?


Level 25 PokeMaster wasn’t an option, so had to go for the 3rd one.

5. Where would your ideal date be?


Who doesn’t like getting to know someone over copious amounts of alcohol. Option 3

6. You spot him at the shops, but he doesn’t see you. What do you do?


Definitely the third … but it wouldn’t be milk, it’d be wine.

7. He’s called you while you’re out with your friends but you accidentally missed it – what do you do now?


Torn between the 1st and third. My sister said is there a 4th option that says ‘Ha, friends?’
Going to with the third option.

8. When you’re talking about guys, you often say:


These answers are pants. I want one half way between the top two. But as I don’t want to look too big headed, I’mma go ahead and pick the 2nd.

*Drum roll*

And the results are in… I am single because ….



Damn straight I am.


I like this quiz.

Singletons, let me know your results 🙂

My sister said that all of the results are probably the same in a bid to boost self esteem. I don’t care, the truth is there in black and white, I’m Perfect. 😉


Nicole x