Beauty and the Beast DIYs

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Beauty and the Beast is definitely in my top 5 Disney films, and to mark the premier of the new film I decided to get all creative with these 3 Beauty and the Beast themed DIYs.


The Little Mermaid Cake Pops

Sweet Treats

Dinglehopper Cakepop Pintrest attempt!

A few weeks ago I saw a video on Facebook showing how to make Little Mermaid inspired cake pops. I really liked the concept and wanted to try it, but like always, I got distracted by some sort of food and/or wine and completely forgot all about it, until my sister’s best friend shared the video and tagged me in it asking me to make them for her. 

Unicorn DIYs

Arts and Crafts, Sweet Treats

Its official, I am 24, going on 4.  I just love anything magical, and at the moment my favourite magical thing is 110% Unicorns.

Just before Christmas, I treated myself to some of those fancy looking Unicorn Horn makeup brushes, because I am a damn fairy princess and no one is going to tell me otherwise.


Nutella Magic Cake

Sweet Treats

Oh my god. I have seen these magic cakes all over the place, and just had to make one!

I love nutella, which is essentially chocolate and hazelnuts, so what better combination than that for a magic cake.

Not gonna lie, when I heard ‘Magic Cake’ my brain first went to, ‘I hope that means it tastes amazing and has like minus 100 calories.’ then I panicked thinking the ingredients may contain some illegal substances… neither is the case.

Scary Halloween Cake Pops

Sweet Treats

Lets get one thing straight – they are scary because of the poor quality. No other reason!

I really enjoy all things Halloween, from horrors to pumpkin carving and everything in between, so I took the opportunity to dust off my old cake pop maker (once I’d found it – who’d have thought that I could manage to lose a bright pink cake pop maker in my tiny flat?!)

I started with the greatest of ideas. I honest to god thought I was going to be the Michaelangelo of Cake Pops. Sadly this is not the case, and they ended up looking like a cheap, poorly executed, knockoff Picaso. 

Double Whammy DIY and Food!

Arts and Crafts, Sweet Treats

If there is one thing  I love more than DIY arts and crafts, its food.

A few years ago my sister taught me how to make a cake/brownie in a mug. It was the single best thing she’s ever taught me, to be honest that’s not difficult.

5 Minute Microwave M&M Fudge?

Sweet Treats

I am so so so excited to share this one with you!

Ages and ages ago, at my parents house, I was rummaging in the cupboards for something sweet to eat… not a lot has changed. Just as I was about to admit defeat, my mum suggested I use the condensed milk in the cupboard to make something.

Challenge accepted.

I hopped online and browsed through quick recipes using Condensed Milk, and thats when I found the holey grail for recipes…. Microwave Fudge.

Being a microwave fudge novice, I played it safe with just a chocolate fudge, and it was delightful. This time I wanted to be more adventurous. This time I wanted to make M&M and Salted Pretzel fudge.

Want to try it too? Here’s what you’ll need…

1 tin of sweetened condensed milk. (400 grams /14 Ounces)
300 grams of Chocolate chips (12 Ounces) I used a mix of milk and white because I’m a rebel.
1 bag of M&Ms (or any chocolate or filling you want) I opted for 50/50 normal and crispy M&Ms
1 bag of Salted Pretzels
1 heat proof container, lined with foil/baking parchment or clingfilm
1 Microwave Bowl
A Microwave

This is what I did…

  1. Pour the Condensed milk and chocolate chips into the microwave bowl, give a quick stir
  2. Heat in Microwave in 30 – 1 minute blasts until chocolate is full melted.
  3. cool for 30 seconds
  4. add in M&Ms and lightly crushed up Pretzels and stir (hold some filling back for toppings..
  5. Pour into the heatproof container and allow to cool for a minute or two
  6. Sprinkle toppings to decorate
  7. Allow to cool, I put mine in the fridge for quickness.
  8. Once full cooled, cut into chunks and enjoy!M&M Fudge.PNG

Super easy and versatile. I think I’m going to do a peanut butter and chocolate one next time as a tribute to Reeses Cups, one of my mums favourites!

GBBO Series 8, I’m coming for you!

Let me know if you give it a go and what creations you make!


Love Nicole x