Everything has Changed

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I’m officially old, or so my sister tells me.

With my 25th birthday less than a month away, I thought I’d look back over the last few years, and see just how much things have changed, and how much I’ve grown.

So here we go!

I remember when I met my best friend, 7 years ago. We were 17/18 and thought we were so damn grown up.

Turkey Nicole and Sian 3Turkey Nicole and Sian

As I sat with her the other day, drinking our skinny caramel macchiatos  (because we are supes basic), discussing our mortgages and home insurance, I couldn’t help but look back.


When we were newly friends, our shopping trips consisted of NewLook, Top Shop, H&M and of course Primarché, now they’re Next Home, Matalan Home and my all time favourite, the Range.


We’ve swapped shoes for shelves and dresses for drawers. But you know what, I love it. I could easily spend hours wandering around the Range, mentally adding ever thing I see to my wishlist, along with a bigger home to house it all.

The feeling I get when I see a super cute candle holder, or another throw cushion that I totes don’t need but somehow end up buying, is just indescribable. The more homely and cosy my home is, the happier I feel.

I used to feel that way when I added to my fancy shoe collection. Not anymore, its all about the £6 ballet pumps from primark for this girl. £40 for a pair of shoes I’ll wear everyday for almost a year? That’s absurd. £50 for a throw that’ll sit folded on a shelf with the other 7 I own, only to be used a few times a year, if I remember I have it? Totally worth every damn penny.

I’m not even joking.


throw pile

Excuse the mess of my cabinet! There are 5 throws there, and 3 more out of shot in the bedroom… I have a problem.



I remember when the biggest decision we had to make was whether we were going out to Mayhem or Element that night (to show just how old we are, neither of those clubs are around anymore), and whether to take a pair of flat shoes in our bags (N.B always make room for flats!) now, sipping our coffees we discuss mortgage providers and solicitors fees.

Even our texts are mature and responsible.


I mean, you can’t get more adult than discussing food shopping and comparing delivery rates.

Clubbing Nicole and Sian 3

How times have changed.

Its nice to reminisce about the past, but I wouldn’t change my present for anything in the world.

I guess I’m a real adult now, despite still feeling like a lost little girl at times.


Nicole x






Battle of the Bra


Get ready for battle of the Bra 2016, Brarmageddon if you will … this s*** is going to be in the history books.

When I was younger, like 17-20 bra shopping was a delight. I could spend hours wandering around bra shops, picking up pretty little numbers and not giving a flying whats-it about the cost.

Now, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I still like wearing a lovely matching set, but its not my top priority. Unfortunately, I’ve taken that leap in to ‘real’ adulthood, with bills and responsibilities. Long gone are the days when I could easily spend a months mortgage on fancy frills. Its primark pants for this adult.

Ultimate Secret Santa Guide <£5


The first and cheapest installment of the Ultimate Secret Santa Guide

If like me, the thought of buying someone you barely know a secret Santa gift brings you close to tears, desperately scouring the internet for gift-spiration, look no further. I have done the countless google searches, the basket clearing, the strops and I’ve found a handful of what I believe to be fail safe Christmas gifts, for him and for her, for under £5, £10 and for those pushing the boat out £15.

13 Fusion – Dinner with the Work Girls


Hate the thought of social interaction? Scared of looking like an idiot? Constantly worried you’ll say the wrong thing? I have the answer. Wine. You will still look an idiot, and say the wrong thing, but I’ll be damned if you actually give a flying eff after 3 glasses of the good stuff.

*Disclaimer, drink responsibly, also handle hangovers like a pro with a healthy dose of vitamin C and a whole lotta junk food.)

8 times Me Before You offered genuine life advice


A kinda, sorta, not really, review of Me Before You.


This weekend, I sat down armed with blankets, a hot chocolate (with a splash of Baileys obvs) and shed loads of tissues having been pre-warned about the level of feels in the film.


I cried, not even a little bit, I sobbed like a child that skinned its knee, like a weight watcher being denied a doughnut, like myself when I look in the mirror on a fat day. I was inconsolable.


It’s such a beautifully tragic film, definitely taking pride of place on my top 10 favourite films.


The acting was top notch, the scenery was beautiful, and no I’m not talking about Sam Clafin’s gorgeous face, although…


Throughout the film there are moments of pure inspiration. These 8 quotes I feel are perfect examples of how we as individuals should view life, we should take inspiration and live each day like it’s out last.


  • You only get one life, it’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.


  • Just live well. Just live


  • Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle


  • I will never, ever regret the things I’ve done. Because most days, all you have are places in your memory that you can go to


  • You’re going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit. It always does feel strange to be knocked out of your comfort zone but I hope you feel exhilarated too


  • Some mistakes… Just have greater consequences than others. But you don’t have to let the result of one mistake be the thing that defines you. You, Clark, have the choice not to let that happen


  • You know, you can only actually help someone who wants to be helped


  • You know there really isn’t much that can’t be solved by a decent cup of tea




Nicole x

A Day at London Aquarium

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Puns at the London Aquarium (Pundon Aquarium?)

My little sister seems to be the centre point around a few of my recent posts. But I suppose as she has just turned  the big 21 we’ve all been doing a whole lotta celebrating. Obvs I took her to Go Ape (read all about that here), and to try and compete, my parents decided to take us both to the London Aquarium. We live literally an hour outside of London, and have never been, it was definitely something that needed to be rectified.


My mum also treated my sister to a weekend away in London, filled to the brim with shopping and pampering and general relaxation. I’m not jealous one little bit…

I love Pyjamas


I love me some Pyjamas.


Pjs, Jammies, Pyjim-jams, whatever you want to call them


Sometimes, I change out of my Pyjamas, in to fresh Pyjamas and see out the day in my duvet fort I’ve created in my lounge, because I am a child, and I do not care.


Due to the fact that my Pyjama addiction is generally fuelled in the winter months, a majority of my Pjs are Christmas themed, or Harry Potter, but that’s another story. I am 100% not a fashion blogger!

Afternoon Tea


I love a good cuppa tea.

I love cake.


So an afternoon tea is the perfect occasion for me!


Last Friday I met two lovely ladies that I used to work with for a cheeky afternoon tea at Squires in Rayleigh, and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint. Aside from catching up with each other’s lives, which was lovely, as so so much has changed in the few short months I’ve been gone, we indulged in a gorgeous platter of sandwiches, scones and giant slabs of cake. Everything a seasoned afternoon tea-er could want.


Now, I’m no stranger to a good Afternoon tea, my sister and I take our mum and nans, every year to the Roslin Beach House in Southend, and every year it never fails to meet my high expectations.


That being said, I have never been to Squires for anything other than a quick lunch in a cute, rustic café. I’d heard good things, and lets face it, food is almost always a winner with me, especially if there is cake involved.


When I booked the table, I wasn’t able to book for 1pm as we’d wanted as they typically do not take reservations over the lunch period. So I booked a table for 2 with the hopes we’d be seated beforehand. We were. The staff were attentive and friendly. The platter arrived within minutes of us being seated and looked stunning…


It consisted of:

Sandwiches (I’m a vegetarian so had forewarned them) they prepared me homous and tomato and coleslaw and cheese sandwiches to ensure I had enough to eat.

A giant scone each, I mean look at the picture and tell me I couldn’t wear that as a shoe! It was scrummy

3 giant slabs of cake, that we, and by we I mean Vicky, who donned the role of ‘mummy’ cut them in half so we could try two each. I had a slice of chocolate coffee and carrot cake. Both were fabulous. I did leave feeling uncomfortably full, but satisfied.

Most importantly UNLIMITED TEA. I’m a bit of a tea pot so having constant tea refills included in the price was just superb.


All of this cost me £13. What a bargain. I would definitely book again!


Thinking of doing a post on my favourite places for Afternoon tea, but some serious research is needed for that…



Nicole x