Beauty and the Beast DIYs

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Beauty and the Beast is definitely in my top 5 Disney films, and to mark the premier of the new film I decided to get all creative with these 3 Beauty and the Beast themed DIYs.


Unicorn DIYs

Arts and Crafts, Sweet Treats

Its official, I am 24, going on 4.  I just love anything magical, and at the moment my favourite magical thing is 110% Unicorns.

Just before Christmas, I treated myself to some of those fancy looking Unicorn Horn makeup brushes, because I am a damn fairy princess and no one is going to tell me otherwise.


Tea Cup Cactus

Arts and Crafts

A lovely garden DIY in preparation for spring!

Ooh boy, it has been a while, but I am back at it again with the pintrest-ey DIYs.

Its common knowledge among my friends and family that I have a hard time keeping plants alive. Just to put it in context, I had a mini celebration when I kept one alive for 3 weeks because, and I quote, I felt like a real adult keeping something alive longer than a fortnight…. it died 3 days later.

After dismantling Christmas corner, I needed something to fill the void, and incorporate my love for plants. That’s when the teapot plant pot idea was born.

Homemade Flower Lamp!

Arts and Crafts

Who needs to spend a small fortune on lamps (*ahem, mother*) when you’ve got a dad like mine!

I’m always on the look out for new arty things to fill my time with, and when my lovely mother invited me over to show me her fancy new lamp I got that pang of jealousy all secret shopaholics get when they see something they want but just can’t have.

Deck the Halls with Silver Baubles

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Deck the Halls with Silver Baubles

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

My neighbours have put there Christmas decs up, and I may have spent a little too long staring at them from my window… can you say, Christmas Stalker? Peeping St Nick? Pathetic?

Yup, that’s me.

My plan is to put my tree up the first weekend in December. Don’t worry, I’ll take lots of poor quality photos and share my artistic talent here  (or lack there of), but until then I still want to have a touch of Christmas in my little flat.

Cue an in-depth pintrest search, a rather large shopping trolley full of baubles and a whole lotta hot glue.

Wooden Letter Art

Arts and Crafts

First Initial Wooden Decoration

Since obtaining a lovely bedside table, I’ve been super tempted to fill it with sugar, spice and all things nice to fit in with my pink, white and grey colour scheme. I was desperate to fill it, but not make it cluttered.

I saw loads of photos on Pintrest, with letters decorating rooms, and with the open faced cubes in my bedside table I thought that would be totes adorbs.

And before you say it, yes, I know I have an ‘N’ in my Autumn window setup, but its not narcissistic if its art!

I ordered a wooden ‘N’ online (for Nicole, obvs!) and using the arts and crafts supplies I have overflowing in my arts storage crates set to work creating something to bring a little bit of me to the table.

Pumpkin Brows

Arts and Crafts

Its nearly Halloween!

And with that comes all things creepy and spooky, including, but not limited to Pumpkin Carving.


Now we all know my artistic skills can leave a fair bit to be desired, but I still can’t resist a bit of Pumpkin Carving this time of year. I see photos and videos of other people doing it and get major pumpkin envy!

DIY Charcoal Face Mask

Arts and Crafts

There is nothing better than a Sunday Night Pamper Session.

I’ve seen a few people trying this, both on YouTube and Pintrest so thought why not try it myself as part of my Sunday Night pamper routine.

Sunday evenings I schedule for me, I do a face mask, shape my brows, the works. I swapped out my Sea Mud Face Mask and tried my hand at the DIY Charcoal face mask.

Double Whammy DIY and Food!

Arts and Crafts, Sweet Treats

If there is one thing  I love more than DIY arts and crafts, its food.

A few years ago my sister taught me how to make a cake/brownie in a mug. It was the single best thing she’s ever taught me, to be honest that’s not difficult.