Don’t be a Dino-sore loser!

online dating

If you like puns, then this one is for you, babes!

Dating has been something of a chore as of late. I quite literally cannot be bothered to filter through messages on various dating sites in order to fine a relatively normal person to engage in conversation with.


But when the mood strikes and the thought of opening countless ‘DTF’ messages doesn’t make me want to scratch my eyeballs out, something very magical happens.

Dinosaur Pun 5

Dinosaur Pun 4

Dinosaur Pun 3Dinosaur Pun 2Dinosaur Pun

I want to say that Jon from Bumble was the MVP of the evening because even though his Dino-puns were severely lacking, he did stay the duration. So Jon, if you’re reading this, well done lad. Next time though you could give some puns a try-ceratops. 😉


Aren’t dinosaurs the tyrannosaurus-best?


Until next time!



Nicole x




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