Beauty and the Beast DIYs

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Beauty and the Beast is definitely in my top 5 Disney films, and to mark the premier of the new film I decided to get all creative with these 3 Beauty and the Beast themed DIYs.


Beauty and the Beast Rose Hot Chocolate Sticks.

I got the idea from seeing the Hot Chocolate Spoons on pinterest. The idea is that you stir the spoon in to a mug of hot milk and it creates a luxurious chocolaty drink fit for a King.

I put a little twist and made some that were fit for a Prince. Get it? huh, do ya?

Using this cute little mould I got from amazon, I was able to create rose shaped chocolate lollies. Using white chocolate and a little pink food colouring, I made them look like little pink roses, like the enchanted one from the film! I used cake pop sticks for the stems/stirrers (plastic ones are much better for stirring, and they can be reused!)

Rose mould

Add a little spray of whipped cream and some chocolate shavings and you’ve got yourself a tasty treat to enjoy whilst watching Disney classics!



(Or if you get super hungry and your will power fails you like mine did… you can eat these as Chocolate lollies.)


Grey Stuff Cupcakes

That iconic song, Be Our Guest, suggests that Belle tries the grey stuff and being the Disney fan that I am, I wanted to try it too.

Now I know all you die-hard Beauty and the Beast fans will be screaming ‘Its supposed to be savoury’ or ‘its not true to the film’, but I wanted to incorporate ‘The Grey Stuff’ into another bake, to really maximise the Disney presence, so that’s exactly what I did.

Deal with it.

To start with I made simple cupcake batter (I went with chocolate because it’s totes my fave!) I then filled these cute teacup-cupcake cases (to represent one of my favourite characters, Chip) two thirds full with the batter.

tea cup cupcake cases

While they were in the oven (160 fan for 15 minutes) I got cracking with my buttercream frosting. Once the frosting was the right consistency after adding a splash of milk (or baileys in my case) I added a smidge of black food colouring to get that grey colour, because of course the grey stuff has to be grey! This was trial and error, I added the food colouring super slowly as not to make it too dark.

Then, once the cupcakes were cooled (the first one I tired wasn’t fully cooled and ended up looking like a right mess!) I piped a swirl on top, using a piping bag with a large star nozzle. Finally I gave each cupcake a quick spritz with silver food spray and sprinkled a few pearl cake sprinkles on top.


But I wasn’t finished there.

I melted down some white candy melts and poured them on to a piece of parchment paper, making sure it ended up just under half a centimetre thick (I found it easier to pour some, let it set a little, then pour some more on top of it to get the thickness just right.) I popped it in the fridge to help it set and once it had fully set I took a very sharp knife and cut rectangles out, I did use template of 5×2.5cm to make it easier.

I rounded the corners, just to make it look a bit softer to be in keeping with the rest of the cupcake. Then using that Silver cake spray, I gave each rectangle a light spritz and left to dry. To finish It off I took a couple of baking markers (black and silver) and proceeded to write my messages and decorate the rectangles. (Ok, so they didn’t turn out wonderfully – but I tried!)


I really did try the Grey Stuff, and it was delicious! (Although I wouldn’t ask my dishes, they’re still mad about the mess I made!)



Enchanted Rose Lamp

This has to be my absolute favourite DIY.

Everyone that knows me knows my love for fairy lights and flowers, so what better DIY is there for me to do!?

I ordered a plain bell jar with a wooden base and a set of warm white battery powered fairy lights from amazon for the main component. For the Rose, I went back to my favourite shop of all times, The Range, and picked up a few fake roses in different colours (red and pink) because I couldn’t make up my mind which one I liked more. Pink won out in the end.

I hot glued fishing line to the centre of the rose and the top of the bell jar to create the illusion of a floating rose. To finish the Enchanted Rose look, I used another pink rose and pulled off a few petals to scatter around the bottom the bell jar, as if they’d wilted from the rose.

Finally, I arranged the fairy lights as best I could around the rose and placed the bell jar lid on top.



Now I just need my Prince and I’m all set for my Disney Princess happily ever after.

On second thoughts, a cupcake and a hot chocolate will do just fine!

Hope you’ve enjoyed!


Nicole x


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