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Its official, I am 24, going on 4.  I just love anything magical, and at the moment my favourite magical thing is 110% Unicorns.

Just before Christmas, I treated myself to some of those fancy looking Unicorn Horn makeup brushes, because I am a damn fairy princess and no one is going to tell me otherwise.


A few weeks ago, my best friend came over for a girly night in complete with fajitas, wine and 80’s music. It was genuinely such a nice night. The makeup came off and the pajamas went on pretty early on, because that’s just how we roll on a Saturday night.

I was showing her my Unicorn brushes and she absolutely loved them. With her birthday coming up I had a brainwave. That was part of her present sorted, but what was I going to put with it?

That’s when the first DIY idea was born…

Unicorn DIY Number 1

DIY ‘Magical Brush Holder’

I browsed the supermarkets, looking for a suitable jar/container and found a large Mason Jar that was the perfect size. I popped it into my basket and continued mooching around the shop. I found some clear table acrylic gems and some battery powered fairy lights decorated with plastic pearls and added those to my basket, along with some Pringles, dairy Milk, an Iced Coffee and a trashy gossip magazine, because after all that shopping, I needed a treat…

I then carefully (spilling about half) poured the gems into the Mason Jar in thirds, in between adding in the fairy lights to get a nicely spaced out effect. To complete the Makeup Brush Holder I tied a small thin silver bow around the top to tie in nicely with the decor in her house.

Once I’d got the Jar looking how I wanted, I arranged the brushes and voila!


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out to be honest, and I think my best friend was too!

Then I got thinking, what else could I do unicorn themed that wasn’t super childish? Then it hit me, I could bake something…

Unicorn DIY Number 2

Unicorn Sugar Cookies

I’m sure by now you all know about my love of baking, even though I’m not the best.

I decided to make a simple sugar cookie, and use a Unicorn Cookie Cutter to shape them.

I also thought that this would be the perfect time to try the ‘flooding’ method to ice the biscuits. Safe to say I definitely need to practice, a hell of a lot. But its the thought that counts, right?


I also used the left over biscuit dough to cut out some bows and for some completely unknown reason some bunnies. Because y’know, who doesn’t like a cute little bunny rabbit?


Unicorn DIY Number 3

This is 100% my favourite!

DIY Unicorn Horn Cream Pasteries.

I took inspiration from the classic cream horn and decided to jazz it up. Taking long strips of puff pastry  I wound them round some metal cones to form a ‘Horn’. I then gave them a quick egg wash and a spinkle of sugar before baking them in the oven for 12-15 minutes (depending how quickly they turned golden) at 180 Degrees Fan (200 Degrees non fan)


I was super paranoid about burning them so I sat on my kitchen floor and watched them turn from a pale shade of beige to a beautiful golden colour.

After giving them a substantial amount of time to fully cool, I carefully removed the metal cone and set them to one side.

In a microwave safe bowl, I melted some white candy melts (I ordered mine from Wilton through amazon a few months back).

In between the 30 second bursts in the microwave I stirred the candy melts to ensure they didn’t burn on the bottom.

Once they were fully melted, to make them a little less viscous I added a tablespoon of oil an stirred until fully combined.

Then, I dipped the open end of the cone into the melted candy melts, making sure the whole opening was covered by about half an inch of the candy melts.

Quickly, before it began to set, I dipped the cone into a bowl of hundreds and thousands (complete with star sprinkles, because why the hell not.)


I repeated this for all the cones.

While the candy melts were setting on the cones, I whipped up some whipping cream into 3 separate bowl and added food colouring into each, I chose purple, pink and sky blue.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try adding a splash of baileys to the cream to make an adult unicorn cream horn.


So, when I popped over to my best friends house this weekend, I turned up armed with a fully loaded Unicorn Party.

Its a good thing I didn’t put baileys in the Unicorn horns because she couldn’t resist giving one a try and it was the morning!

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the Unicorn theme, and may well do another magical creature themed blog in the near future!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these little DIYs.


Nicole x



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