Tea Cup Cactus

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A lovely garden DIY in preparation for spring!

Ooh boy, it has been a while, but I am back at it again with the pintrest-ey DIYs.

Its common knowledge among my friends and family that I have a hard time keeping plants alive. Just to put it in context, I had a mini celebration when I kept one alive for 3 weeks because, and I quote, I felt like a real adult keeping something alive longer than a fortnight…. it died 3 days later.

After dismantling Christmas corner, I needed something to fill the void, and incorporate my love for plants. That’s when the teapot plant pot idea was born.

I popped to Homebase after work one day last week, armed with a voucher I got as a birthday gift last year and proceeded to mooch around, picking up the items I actually needed y’know light fittings, timer switches real boring adult things. After I’d shopped for the necessities, I realised I still had Β£10 to spend on the voucher, cue the plant shopping.

I found 3 mini cacti and a Venus flytrap and I couldn’t help myself. I then jumped online and ordered a 2 cup teapot and matching tea cups.

This is what happened…





It only seemed fitting to have a cuppa tea after that hard work!




P.S the orchid is fake. No way on earth I could keep a real one alive.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little Spring DIY!

Let me know how long you think I can keep these alive.

Also, these would make cute AF Valentines presents, just pair them with a card that says something like

Cact-I Love you


This is my second favourite prick, next to you!





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