Homemade Flower Lamp!

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Who needs to spend a small fortune on lamps (*ahem, mother*) when you’ve got a dad like mine!

I’m always on the look out for new arty things to fill my time with, and when my lovely mother invited me over to show me her fancy new lamp I got that pang of jealousy all secret shopaholics get when they see something they want but just can’t have.

This is the offender!


I mean, look at that bad boy and tell me you’re not mentally rearranging your lounge to try and make space for it! Those leaves are actual specially treated flower petals. Its just stunning.

But mine is better.

Good ol’ farv could see the jealousy I was battling with, so suggested we spend a little dad and daughter DIY time and create my own, bespoke, one of a damn kind lamp to rival mothers.

And that’s what we damn well did.

After a brief (but not brief enough, according to farv) trip to my favourite shop, the Range, we collected almost all of our tools and materials before heading to Tesco for the final items on our list.

We used:

One large candle holder
Various long stemmed flowers
Clear glass ‘stones’/’gems’
White wired, bright white icicle lights
Clear/white cable ties



Here’s how we did it…

Step 1:

Check the icicle lights work! Very important, would be a pretty pants lamp if the lights didn’t work!

Step 2:

Cut the stems of the flowers to the right length for the vase/jar/holder you’ve chosen.

Step 3:

(This is easier with 2 people!) stretch the icicle lights out and gather up the longer ‘icicles’. Put the bundle of shorter icicles in the vase/jar/holder. Making sure to keep the longer icicles and the wire to the plug out of the jar!

Step 4:

Place your flowers in the jar, one by one. You can rearrange later, so don’t worry if its not 100% how you want!

Step 5:

Take one of the longer icicles and wind up the stem of one flower, in a way that you like. Secure this at the top with a clear cable tie. (Snip the end of the cable tie off for a neater finish!)


Step 6:

Repeat step 5 for all the flowers!

Step 7: 

Very carefully fill the vase/jar up with the glass gems/beads/stones. Making sure its filled right to the top for maximum effect.


Step 8:

Rearrange the flowers carefully to an arrangement that you like.

Step 9:

Plug in and enjoy!



Hope you enjoyed a little peek at what I got up to this weekend!


Nicole x


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