Ultimate Secret Santa Guide <£5


The first and cheapest installment of the Ultimate Secret Santa Guide

If like me, the thought of buying someone you barely know a secret Santa gift brings you close to tears, desperately scouring the internet for gift-spiration, look no further. I have done the countless google searches, the basket clearing, the strops and I’ve found a handful of what I believe to be fail safe Christmas gifts, for him and for her, for under £5, £10 and for those pushing the boat out £15.

So without further ado, lets get on with the blog post.

For Him:

I think a real classic is the comedy mug; the following are my favourites!

Man Flu – for the sick note of the office, at £4.99 its a cheap and cheerful way to show your support for a colleague that’s constantly battling the office-wide Man Flu epidemic.

Man Flu mug.PNG

Blackboard Mug – super handy for those tricky tea orders. This’ll make sure your secret santa recipient never gets a black tea when he really wants a milky coffee. Absolute star gift, and at £2.99 its definitely not going to break the bank. You could even get a multi-pack of coloured chalk to personalise it even more… if you put that much effort into Secret Santa.

Blackboard Mug.PNG



What about a keyring that doubles as a cheap tool kit? WHAAAAAAAAAT?! Sounds so darn handy, amiright? Perfect gift for the man of the office, who doesn’t have room in his man-bag for his manly toolkit, but may well want to cut a tiny bit of paper of fix that loose screw in his colleagues head desk drawer. Normally £5, but on offer at the moment for £3 – what a bargain, I’ll take two thanks.

Keychain Tool Kit.PNG

Now, I don’t know what y’all do for a living, but I work with accountants, so it seemed fitting I used an accounting based example, but I’m sure you can find these ‘Trust me’ socks in any profession. Stereotypically, socks are the gift we hate to love at Christmas, so why not wrap these novelty socks up and put them under the office tree… for £2.75 you can’t go wrong. Unless you can’t trust the person receiving them 😉

Accountant socks.PNG


No secret santa guide is complete without the Christmas Hat. Cheap and Cheerful at £4.99 Its the gift that keeps giving. Not only is it cute AF, but it also has a purpose. No more cold ears with this Christmas pudding hugging your head.

christmas beanie.PNG


Then of course you’ve got the cop out option. A cheap bottle of booze. Or, if you’re trying to look like you’ve made an effort when really you forgot about it until the last minute, grab a mini bottle of booze and some mini chocs. Whats even better, is that Tesco does it all for you. Check this Jager set out – for £5 on the nose its absolutely perfect.



For Her:

Girls are generally so much easier to buy for – if it smells nice or looks pretty its more than likely going to be a success. However finding things that match this criteria for under £5 is slightly more of a challenge.

Again, for me mugs are always a win. For girls, a cute mug with a surprise inside is a surefire winner;

Like this Sweet Snuggles mug, complete with cute knitted socks for £5 from Superdrug. I mean come onnnnn! How damn cute is this.

girly mug.PNG

Orrrrr, a mug complete with hot chocolate. Hot Chocolate screams christmas to me,

If you’re feeling crafty, grab yourself a mason jar mug (with lid) a sachet or two of some hot chocolates, some mini marshmallows and maybe even a chocolate bar (I’m partial to a flake myself!) pop it all inside the mason jar mug, screw on the lid, pop a pretty ribbon around the top and viola, a cute, personal Christmas gift for under £5


I don’t think you can go wrong with smellies for Secret Santa and this Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit 5 Piece Set is definitely something I’d be grateful to receive. If grapefruit isn’t your/their fragrance of choice, this set does come in Jojoba, Silk & Almond Oil and Midnight Fig & Pomegranate. All are £5 at the moment (28.11.2016) in Superdrug!


Can you say Mittens?! The absolute perfect bargain gift for any girl this winter. Knitted mittens are timeless, check these beauties out! Courtesy of Tesco!


You can never ever ever go wrong with booze and or chocolate so, grab a small bottle of wine and a box of maltesers (they are always £1 somewhere or another) and you’re guaranteed to be onto a winner! Unless the recipient is underage or doesnt drink, in this case this may not be the best option…


I hope you like these Secret Santa ideas for under £5. Part 2 of the guide coming Friday! Featuring gifts for him and for her for under £10




Nicole x




2 thoughts on “Ultimate Secret Santa Guide <£5

  1. These are cute ideas! We did a Secret Santa WEEK at the last place I worked. It was fun. Small gifts through the week, big gift on the last day. The BEST part was getting it to their desk without anyone seeing you do it… that was the trick… but I had fun with the gifts too. I made a lot. One a got a mug, filled it with a pack or 2 of hot chocolate, a Hersheys bar, and I made chocolate covered spoons for stirring. It was cute. One day I made a candy cane Christmas tree, and the star was holding a $5 gift card to their morning stop place. Little things like that. It was super fun. We don’t do that at my new place because there is just no way we could sneak around like that. We all sit in the same room. LOL.

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