13 Fusion – Dinner with the Work Girls


Hate the thought of social interaction? Scared of looking like an idiot? Constantly worried you’ll say the wrong thing? I have the answer. Wine. You will still look an idiot, and say the wrong thing, but I’ll be damned if you actually give a flying eff after 3 glasses of the good stuff.

*Disclaimer, drink responsibly, also handle hangovers like a pro with a healthy dose of vitamin C and a whole lotta junk food.)


I wasn’t even going to go for dinner with the girls. When the email came round I checked the dates and already had other plans, albeit fairly flexible, half hearted plans. So when my manager made it her mission to change my no to a yes, (and lets face it, there was food involved, so not that big of a challenge) I couldn’t very well say no.

Not that long ago, a new restaurant called Thirteen Fusion  opened in Rayleigh, where I work. From the outside it looked chic and minimalistic, and it found its way onto my ‘places I must try’ list. It just so happens, that it also found its way on to the ‘places to go for dinner with work’ list.

t was settled, my No was coaxed into a yes and the table was booked for 7.30pm the following Friday. When the Friday rolled round, we left the office around 5.30, leaving 2 hours to drink in the Roebuck before hand (cue 2 glasses of wine on an empty stomach… clever Nicole, real clever.)

The service in Thirteen was wonderful, all of the staff were so attentive and helpful, even speaking with the chef to adjust a dish for a specific dietary requirement. The atmosphere was lovely, and even though the food took a little while to make it to the table, it sure was worth the wait. I had the Goats Cheese stuffed Aubergine, with Ratatouille, and oh my, was it good. I did get a touch of food envy when I saw the pumpkin Risotto arrive for one of the others, but I think thats just a me problem. #Fatchickproblems, amiright?



The photos just don’t do it justice.

At one point, there was live music, and although I couldn’t see them, they sounded wonderful and it was a lovely addition to the evening.

But the best was yet to come. I very rarely order dessert when I’m out, but seeing as I would be the only one not to, I felt compelled to take a crack at one. I, along with everyone bar one of our group, ordered the Croissant and white chocolate bread and butter pudding and oh my damn, was it good. Like so good, like so damn good I haven’t stopped dreaming about it.


So, in short, if you find yourself in Rayleigh and need a place to eat, give Thirteen Fusion a go, and definitely order the Croissant Bread and Butter pudding, before I order the lot and leave none for anyone else!


Nicole x


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