Nutella Magic Cake

Sweet Treats

Oh my god. I have seen these magic cakes all over the place, and just had to make one!

I love nutella, which is essentially chocolate and hazelnuts, so what better combination than that for a magic cake.

Not gonna lie, when I heard ‘Magic Cake’ my brain first went to, ‘I hope that means it tastes amazing and has like minus 100 calories.’ then I panicked thinking the ingredients may contain some illegal substances… neither is the case.

You will need:

4 Eggs
1 tablespoon of water
150g of Caster Sugar or for the sugar free cake, 150g of xylitol. This can be found in healthfood shops. We actually found it in our local Sainsburys too.

125g Melted butter

65g All purpose flour
50g Cocoa powder
500ml of warm hazelnut milk
1 table spoon of vanilla extract

The method is quite simple:

Preheat the oven to 160Β°c.
Grease and flour (I used 50/50 flour and cocoa powder) a 8×8 inch baking tin.
Have 2 mixing bowls at the ready and separate the eggs, whites in one bowl, yolks in the other.
In the bowl with the yolks, add the tbsp of water and the sugar or xylitol, then beat until smooth and creamy.
Then add the melted butter and vanilla to the creamy yolky sugary mixture.
In another mixing bowl, mix the flour and cocoa power together, then add to the buttery, yolky, sugary mixture. Do this in batches to prevent a floury cloud covering the kitchen!
Once the flour/cocoa powder is fully incorporated, add the warmed hazelnut milk, bit at a time.

**Warning, mixture will seem extremely runny. This is ok, do not panic!**

Wash and dry your mixer thoroughly, then beat the egg whites until stiff…. hold them over your head, I dare you!
Gently fold the egg whites into the chocolaty mixture, careful not to knock out too much air.
Once you’re happy with the consistency, carefully pour into the cake tin.
Shove it in the oven for 60 minutes, or until done.

The cake should still have a slight wobble in the center, so don’t worry.

Every oven is different, some ovens may cook the cake quicker, or slower, its all about judgement. the cake should feel a little spongy, but still wiggle at the touch, but not too jelly like! If that makes sense!

If done right, you should have a dense fudgy bottom layer, a creamy mousse-y custard-y middle and a soft cake-y top!

Here is my finished cake:



Nicole x



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