Bouncing my Way to Abs?


AirSpace FreeStyle Fitness Class


After reading my Go Ape Adventure blog, the lovely guys at Go Ape got in touch and offered to help me tick something off of my 30 before 30 list. They invited me along to a trampoline Fitness Class at their newest Airspace venue in Stevenage!

IMAG1671_BURST002_COVER (2).jpg


So the time rolled round for my hour of trampoline torture and my dad (playing my photographer) and I set off in the car and traveled from Essex to Stevenage. It was super easy to get to, and the leisure park that its situated on is lovely, there is so much to do there once you’ve finished jumping to your hearts content… The lost world mini golf looked particularly appealing, I think I may be taking a trip there soon!


The fitness class started at 10, so I made sure to be there by at least quarter to 10, to allow for the safety briefing.


One I’d listened to the safety chat and donned my new orange AirSpace socks, I was ready to rock and roll. (ngl, totes rocking these around the house at the moment too!)



The class was small, only 3 people, which was nice as we were all Jump Fitness virgins. Now, I’m the kind of girl who gets out of breath walking to the fridge and I live in a one bedroom flat, so I was pretty sure jumping around for 45 minutes was going to kill me.



The instructor was absolutely amazing, so friendly and welcoming, which makes a huge difference when exercising. We started off with a warm up that consisted of stretching and gently bouncing… this said a lot about my fitness when I broke a little sweat just straight up bouncing.


We then moved on to star jumps, and I learned that I am just as uncoordinated on the trampoline as I am off, if not more.


Then came the fun stuff… We did a kind of circuit training, where each of us in the class picked an ‘activity card’ out of a fanned deck. Not gonna lie, I was a little bit hoping for a magic trick and not more exercise. We then were shown how to do all the activities chosen and then set off on our circuits. 10 seconds activity, 5 seconds rest, next activity, 10 seconds work, 5 seconds rest, final activity, 10 seconds work, 5 seconds rest, back to the beginning and repeat but this time increasing to 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.


When we drew the cards, of course I picked blooming squats. I only squat to get to the biscuit tin on the bottom shelf!


After squats it was half turns, where you jump and turn 180 degrees in the air, land, jump turn 180 again etc, and the final activity was straight jumping, which sounds simple but definitely takes it out of you.


We all picked activities again, this time I picked reverse plank, then it was star jumps and finally straddle jumps. We repeated the circuits again before taking a quick breather.


The final stage of the workout was the core. We had to lay on the trampolines and raise our shoulders and legs off of the mat, and hold it for 10 seconds, then 20 seconds. We then had to put our hands behind out heads, move out legs in a cycling motion and touch opposite knees to elbows. Oh my gosh, I cannot explain how much difficulty I had with this one. If it wasn’t the rhythm throwing me out, it was my inflexibility, and if it wasn’t that it was my level of fitness.


We finished with stretching, but all I wanted to do was curl up on a mat and sleep. It was such a hard workout, but at the same time enjoyable. I think, like I said earlier the instructor makes all the difference. If she’d have been like a drill sergeant at a boot camp I don’t think I would be this ok with the muscle tightness and aches I’m still feeling today, 2 days later!


I would 110% recommend trying a Jump Fitness Class, regardless of whether you like exercise or not. In fact, I want to offer 2 tickets to an AirSpace Jump Fitness Class of your choice…


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I will DM the winner on 30/11/2016 at 7pm.


Please Visit AirSpace for more information about the Fitness Classes!



Nicole x


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