Scary Halloween Cake Pops

Sweet Treats

Lets get one thing straight – they are scary because of the poor quality. No other reason!

I really enjoy all things Halloween, from horrors to pumpkin carving and everything in between, so I took the opportunity to dust off my old cake pop maker (once I’d found it – who’d have thought that I could manage to lose a bright pink cake pop maker in my tiny flat?!)

I started with the greatest of ideas. I honest to god thought I was going to be the Michaelangelo of Cake Pops. Sadly this is not the case, and they ended up looking like a cheap, poorly executed, knockoff Picaso.Ā 

The first ones I tried were Eyeballs.

I made a simple red velvet cake mix, placed one tablespoon in each hole in the maker. once they were cooked, I let them cool completely on the cake rack.

I then melted chocolate, dipped the prongs of a fork in the melted chocolate and stuck them into the cake balls.


I let this cool, and then dipped the whole ball in the melted white candy melts.

Then I let that set completely.

Using Icing sugar and food dye I dotted on the iris of the eye, and then once that set I dotted on the pupil.

I let that set completely, before using a cocktail stick dipped in red food dye to draw on some bloodshot veins.


I then attempted a bat.

I used a simple chocolate cake mix to make the cake balls.

Using the same principle as above, but with cake pop sticks. I dipped the balls in milk chocolate.


I the spread some melted milk chocolate out on parchment paper and once it had re-hardened, I cut out some wings. and stuck them onto the ball.

It wasnt the best, but it was charmingly wonky… if thats even a thing?


I also attempted a Spider Web

I took a milk chocolate covered ball, and before it was fully set, I drew circles in white piping icing. I then took a tooth pick and dragged the lines down, creating a web like pattern.


Finally, I did a Ghost.

I stuck a marshmallow on a stick and coated it in melted white chocolate melts. Simple and fool proof.



I’ve eaten far too much cake this weekend and am currently sitting in a cake coma trying to summon enough effort to write this. #FatChickProblems, amiright?



Nicole x


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