Pumpkin Brows

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Its nearly Halloween!

And with that comes all things creepy and spooky, including, but not limited to Pumpkin Carving.


Now we all know my artistic skills can leave a fair bit to be desired, but I still can’t resist a bit of Pumpkin Carving this time of year. I see photos and videos of other people doing it and get major pumpkin envy!


I sat down, armed with paper plates, knives, sharpies, and a spoon.


I wasn’t sure what face to make, and then it hit me…


I wanted to give my pumpkin killer brows.

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!


I’d love to see your pumpkin masterpieces!



Nicole x


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4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Brows

  1. I haven’t carved yet…. the weekend I was game, I was told by my adult kids it was too soon, they would shrivel… I get those carving kits with the tiny saws, you can do the more intricate patterns with those… but I think this year I’ll stick to easier ones. I’ll post them when (IF) I do them.

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    1. I wanted to do mine this weekend, but I’m here there and everywhere and was worried I wouldn’t have time! I think I’ve got one good day left in my pumpkin, and if I find time this weekend I may attempt another!

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