8 times Me Before You offered genuine life advice


A kinda, sorta, not really, review of Me Before You.


This weekend, I sat down armed with blankets, a hot chocolate (with a splash of Baileys obvs) and shed loads of tissues having been pre-warned about the level of feels in the film.


I cried, not even a little bit, I sobbed like a child that skinned its knee, like a weight watcher being denied a doughnut, like myself when I look in the mirror on a fat day. I was inconsolable.


It’s such a beautifully tragic film, definitely taking pride of place on my top 10 favourite films.


The acting was top notch, the scenery was beautiful, and no I’m not talking about Sam Clafin’s gorgeous face, although…


Throughout the film there are moments of pure inspiration. These 8 quotes I feel are perfect examples of how we as individuals should view life, we should take inspiration and live each day like it’s out last.


  • You only get one life, it’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.


  • Just live well. Just live


  • Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle


  • I will never, ever regret the things I’ve done. Because most days, all you have are places in your memory that you can go to


  • You’re going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit. It always does feel strange to be knocked out of your comfort zone but I hope you feel exhilarated too


  • Some mistakes… Just have greater consequences than others. But you don’t have to let the result of one mistake be the thing that defines you. You, Clark, have the choice not to let that happen


  • You know, you can only actually help someone who wants to be helped


  • You know there really isn’t much that can’t be solved by a decent cup of tea




Nicole x


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