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Marjolaine –

More Like MarjoLAME

This week I tried to make a Marjolaine, using Mary Berry’s recipe from GBBO.

I use the word tried, because it was not my finest bake. In fact, I really don’t want to show you this one.

I followed the recipe, but seemed to fall flat at the easiest hurdle. The Dacoise.


It looked lovely…. until I tried to remove it from the baking trays, where it proceeded to fall to pieces, much like I did.


After I finished having a little cry, I tried to piece it together as best I could…

It wasn’t great.

I was trying to asseble the top layer to then add the decorations, when it completed disintergrated, leaving me with nothing to use for the top layer.

So here we have a deconstructed Marjolaine, with no top… whoops.

But it tastes bloody lovely!


Perhaps I’m not cut out for GBBO after all.



Nicole x


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