I Freaking Did It!

In the Kitchen

I baked bread!

I took on the GBBO Botanical Week Technical challenge of Fougasse. And boy did I nail this one!

When I say ‘nail’ I mean it tasted nice and looked 60% like the ones on GBBO and 40% informal.

I followed this recipe.

The dough was very wet, and somehow managed to get stuck to everything. I was finding dried dough on my cabinets, worktops and somehow, elbow for hours afterwards.

The recipe said that after an hour proving it should double in size, and boy did it. That dough inflated quicker than a teenage boys ego after he gets put on what ever sports team is socially relevant at the time.

IMAG1548 (1).jpg

I think by now, I mean its been over 100 blog posts, we all know that I am no artist. So shaping the dough and cutting it to look like a leaf was always going to be the biggest task for me, to be honest I don’t think I did too badly.


Check out my ugly little piggies photobombing my bitching bread!



You know what, it tasted delicious, and it was the first bake from this challenge that I could take home to my parents as there was no sugar involved in the making of this fougasse.


Looking forward to attempting Marjolaine next week. Meringue is not my forte… but you know me I’ll give it a go anyway!


Nicole x

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