DIY Galaxy Tile Fail!

Arts and Crafts

I am so so so late with this galaxy-ing thing. But do I care? Nope.

Last weekend I tried to ‘Galaxy’ a ceramic tile… because why not.

I saw a youtube video of someone doing this, but can’t for the life of me remember who it was.

Essentially all you need is;

A white tile

Sharpies (I chose galaxy colours, but I suppose you can pick and choose any colours that take your fancy)

Rubbing alcohol

Cotton Wool Balls



I put newspaper down because I am clumsy AF and knew I would make a horrific mess… which I still did any way.

I then coloured the tile in using the blues/purples/pinks associated with galaxy

Remember how good I am at art? Yeah, me either. I’m awful as evidenced by my lace pancakeslace pancakes


I then soaked some cotton balls in rubbing alcohol and dabbed all over the tile to encorporate the colours all over.

It didnt end well.


I tried again, and this is what happened..



A little better, but ultimately still a flippng fail.


Perhaps next week I’ll have more luck!



Nicole x


9 thoughts on “DIY Galaxy Tile Fail!

    1. Thanks – I love trying different Arts and Crafts, sometimes they work… others not so much, but I figured if I’m sharing the successes, I should probably share the fails too!! x


    1. Thanks, I try to do a DIY I’ve never tried before once a week. Sometimes they work beautifully, others, not so much. But I thought why should I only share the successes! I’m only human and I definitely make my fair share of mistakes! x Thank you xx


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