Bakewell tart, Baked Well…

In the Kitchen

Oh my Gosh, I love a good Bakewell Tart.

I was super excited to get my bake on and give this technical my very best shot.

Using this recipe, last weekend I set out to come first in the technical challenge, albeit I was the only one competing, so no matter how I performed I would have come first, and last for that matter. Small details.

Anyway, pastry is one of the very few things I can do. So that part was a breeze. I do love a good Mary Berry pastry. Fun fact, that is the first pastry recipe I ever tried and succeeded. In fact, I’ve had very few issues with it, so thanks, Bezza.

I’ll admit, I didnt make my own jam, I already had some, and if I made my own, I’m sure it would have gone to waste.


I wasn’t sure whether I would have enough frangipan mixture, as I couldn’t get it the whole way to the edges, but I tried.


I needn’t have worried, it spread perfectly in the oven and filled out the case just right.


The icing is where I struggled a little. Baking at 10pm with work in the morning, in hindsight, wasnt my best idea. I iced it before it was completely cooled, meaning the white icing set too quickly for me to pipe and feather the pink icing. But all in all it wasnt terrible(?)



Once again, I took my baking success into the office to share with everyone there. I think they enjoyed it, I had a few lovely emails so I’m going to choose to believe they were genuine, and not lies to ensure I don’t have a full on baked goods related nervous breakdown in the office, because we wouldnt want that to happen, again. amiright?!


Hope you enjoyed looking at photos of what I’ve baked as much as I enjoyed baking it and the girls and guys at work enjoyed eating it!



Nicole x


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