How I Prepare for a Date

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Its all about the preparation!

The key to a successful date is to be prepared!

When I get asked on a date, I like to plan the whole thing in my head a few days in advance, y’know, so I know where to go, how to get there, where to park, what drink I’ll order and  what conversation we’re going to have, the norm, obvs.


I literally map out a whole conversation, with my answers readily prepared in my mental filing cabinet… (Mental in both senses.)


So I plan that we’ll have some brief small talk, before he asks what I do for a living, then I’ll respond with my pre planned answers making me sound both independent and interesting, then I’ll ask him. He’ll respond and then move swiftly on to hobbies, where of course I’ve got my completely sane response waiting. Remember gotta hide the crazy. I mean no one wants to hear about my online shopping hobby, where I put all the stuff in my basket, look at the total, cry and then close the window, on a daily basis.


Heaven forbid he changes the order or, even worse, goes off script. At this point I’m just like…


‘Ok, well this was fun. We’re not compatible, you didn’t stick to the agenda. Ok, thanks, Bye.’


I then run home, open my laptop, sit on ASOS for 4 hours and eat a grilled cheese sandwich.


If you want to see my actual preparation routine, let me know by liking and commenting!




Nicole x


2 thoughts on “How I Prepare for a Date

  1. I’m not sure I even have a routine really. I do make sure where I’m going, and if it is a place with a larger menu I may study that before going so I don’t just impulse order something because I can’t decide. I also show up early. I’d rather be waiting on him than think he’s observing me assertive and I don’t know…. I’m weird.


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