A Day at London Aquarium

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Puns at the London Aquarium (Pundon Aquarium?)

My little sister seems to be the centre point around a few of my recent posts. But I suppose as she has just turned  the big 21 we’ve all been doing a whole lotta celebrating. Obvs I took her to Go Ape (read all about that here), and to try and compete, my parents decided to take us both to the London Aquarium. We live literally an hour outside of London, and have never been, it was definitely something that needed to be rectified.


My mum also treated my sister to a weekend away in London, filled to the brim with shopping and pampering and general relaxation. I’m not jealous one little bit…

We’d settled on going to the Aquarium on the Saturday, so Farv and I jumped on the train Saturday morning (after trying to get on Network Rail and failing due to replacement bus services, we gave up and got on the C2C line instead!)


Good ol’ mum managed to get some sort of deal where by using our rail cards we got a chunky discount off of our Aquarium tickets. I do love a discount.


I have to shout out to Farv here, he became my photographer for the day, as his photos were much better quality than mine and he actually took ‘proper photos’ where as I took stupid ones for the purpose of SnapChat puns, y’know crabs, nemo, loan sharks all of the best marine puns you could ask for. (add me, xNicolelouisexx …I’m funny sometimes.)


The first thing I had to do when we got there was go to the loo. Which wasn’t great as there was only one toilet and a rather hefty queue. Buuuuuut to be fair that was my only complaint, so both my bladder and I forgive this sin!


I don’t really know what to say about it to be honest. Its quite magical. You walk in, over a Perspex walkway with sharks swimming under you, and if you’re like me, you’re bratty, mean, little sister will shout for everyone to hear – ‘Be careful fatty, you might crack that. It’d be such a shame if a shark ate you.’ Her sincerity was just on point. But I suppose when your dad takes this photo of your thousand chins when you get in the way of his camera it’s a totally understandable point for my sister to make.



Shadows are marvellous things, aren’t they…


I loved every second of it, I truly did. From the gorgeous Turtle gracefully meandering around the rocks and marine plants to the Penguins waddling across the ice.


They have it all. My mum wanted to see some Piranhas, which can apparently strip a cow in under a minute? Much like I can do to a bakery. Dad wanted to see some sharks and jelly fish, which they had plenty of. Lauren wanted to see it all, and me? Well I just wanted to stroke a starfish. And stroke a starfish I did!




Farv’s favourite photo from the whole day!

All in all, it’s a great place to go, not only due to content, but also location. Once you’ve finished looking at all the amazing marine life in the aquarium, step outside and stroll along the Thames, look at the London eye, or Big Ben. It’s a perfect location if you’re spending a day in London!


Another shout out to Farv for his year 4 sense of humour here… Ruining my typical London tourist selfie.


Here is a collection of other photos taken at the Aquarium. There are more, so if that’s something you’d like to see, then let me know in the comments!














Nicole x



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