DIY Autumn Candle Holder

Arts and Crafts

It is officially Autumn now and to celebrate that I took on a autumnal DIY this weekend.

I saw this on Pintrest and couldn’t resist.

To begin with you need:

A Jar
PVA Glue
Autumn Leaves ( I got mine from Amazon)
A paintbrush
A hairdryer



To start with I glued the back of one leaf, and placed where I wanted it on the jar. I then blasted it with a hairdryer to set the glue a little and help it hold its place. The leaves were a bit stubborn and wouldn’t stay flat to the glass without this.


I then repeated placing different colour leaves around. Creating an Autumnal pattern.


In the process I also bobbed a fair amount of PVA all over my hands and was immediately taken back to primary school where we did that to wait for it to dry and then peel it off, for fun. So that is exactly what I did.

It took a long time for the glue to dry securing the leaves, and we did have a few minor casualties, but I think it’s easily resolved with a bit of extra PVA!

And in my professional DIY Crafter opinion, it doesn’t look too shabby!



Nicole x





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