Lace Pancakes

In the Kitchen

50/50 success/fail

Batter Week on GBBO, easy right? Wrong.

I am not an artist and this just proves it.

I used this recipe, the same one as the bakers had in the tent, and gave it my best shot.

I used an old empty fairy bottle to ‘guide’ the batter into a beautiful lace heart.


If you’re going to try this, make sure you fully clean your fairy bottle. I washed it twice and rinsed it with hot water a further 3 times.

Then the fun began.

Fortunately this was my trial run… as it definitely was not my best.


It is not easy to draw with batter, who knew.

The next was the best attempt

Not great, but not terrible. Ok, verging on terrible.


Yeah, I legit do not know what happened to this one. Whoops.

Then I gave up with hearts, apparently they’re too delicate for me. I thought I’d try a more robust shape. A letter N, for Nicole. Because I am original.



Still a pretty poor attempt.

I’m not even sorry.

Bakewell Tart next week! I’m super excited!


Nicole x



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