I love Pyjamas


I love me some Pyjamas.


Pjs, Jammies, Pyjim-jams, whatever you want to call them


Sometimes, I change out of my Pyjamas, in to fresh Pyjamas and see out the day in my duvet fort I’ve created in my lounge, because I am a child, and I do not care.


Due to the fact that my Pyjama addiction is generally fuelled in the winter months, a majority of my Pjs are Christmas themed, or Harry Potter, but that’s another story. I am 100% not a fashion blogger!

When The Reach London dropped me an email explaining about their Kickstarter campaign I was super excited to have a little nosey at what they were planning. I mooched round their website and Kickstarter site for a good hour, dribbling over the gorgeous designs and mentally adding them all to my wish list.


Here are my absolute faves:



But you can also click here for a full range!


‘Designed and manufactured in Britain, they will be produced by a small London factory who supplies top luxury brands including Gieves & Hawkes, Burberry and Victoria Beckham.’ That sounds rather fancy, doesn’t it! As I’m sure you all know, I’m a huge advocate of supporting local businesses, which is what The Reach London is.


Something that I love the idea of is being able to purchase the tops and bottoms separately in different sizes, I want my bottoms to fit well, but I like to have all the space in the world up top. So being able to buy a size 12 pair of trousers and a size 14 top rather than being forced to decide if I want my trousers to fall down, or to feel restricted up top with all my tossing and turning.


By supporting this local business, and pledging here on their Kickstarter campaign you’ll be rewarded with an ‘early bird’ discount. And you know, I love a discount!

All details are available on their website linked here.


I will totes be reviewing the Pyjamas as soon as they’re ready to be dispatched and letting you all know what I think!



Nicole x






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