Afternoon Tea


I love a good cuppa tea.

I love cake.


So an afternoon tea is the perfect occasion for me!


Last Friday I met two lovely ladies that I used to work with for a cheeky afternoon tea at Squires in Rayleigh, and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint. Aside from catching up with each other’s lives, which was lovely, as so so much has changed in the few short months I’ve been gone, we indulged in a gorgeous platter of sandwiches, scones and giant slabs of cake. Everything a seasoned afternoon tea-er could want.


Now, I’m no stranger to a good Afternoon tea, my sister and I take our mum and nans, every year to the Roslin Beach House in Southend, and every year it never fails to meet my high expectations.


That being said, I have never been to Squires for anything other than a quick lunch in a cute, rustic café. I’d heard good things, and lets face it, food is almost always a winner with me, especially if there is cake involved.


When I booked the table, I wasn’t able to book for 1pm as we’d wanted as they typically do not take reservations over the lunch period. So I booked a table for 2 with the hopes we’d be seated beforehand. We were. The staff were attentive and friendly. The platter arrived within minutes of us being seated and looked stunning…


It consisted of:

Sandwiches (I’m a vegetarian so had forewarned them) they prepared me homous and tomato and coleslaw and cheese sandwiches to ensure I had enough to eat.

A giant scone each, I mean look at the picture and tell me I couldn’t wear that as a shoe! It was scrummy

3 giant slabs of cake, that we, and by we I mean Vicky, who donned the role of ‘mummy’ cut them in half so we could try two each. I had a slice of chocolate coffee and carrot cake. Both were fabulous. I did leave feeling uncomfortably full, but satisfied.

Most importantly UNLIMITED TEA. I’m a bit of a tea pot so having constant tea refills included in the price was just superb.


All of this cost me £13. What a bargain. I would definitely book again!


Thinking of doing a post on my favourite places for Afternoon tea, but some serious research is needed for that…



Nicole x


3 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea

  1. That looks yummy!!! I’ll be honest, I’ve only had American sweet tea…. but a book series I read has made me wonder about branching out… I just don’t know enough about teas to know where to start… its a whole thing with her seeping the tea leaves and such, and she uses whipped cream on some (tea! who would’ve thought!) and it sounds cool… but I think it’s like sushi, you need a seasoned tea drinker to guide you. LOL.

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    1. I’m such a tea pot. 4-5 cups a day! I’m definitely a PG tips kinda girl too. Pop the teabag in the mug, one sweetener, pour the water in, then a tiny bit of milk and leave it to stew for a minute or two, the stronger the better I think! I’m not too adventurous, I just know what I like! 🙂


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