Bye Bye Monday Blues

Just The Tip

How I get Over that inevitable Monday Hurdle.


Over the years I’ve had a small selection of jobs. Some I’ve liked more than others. Some have been downright painful, not just on a Monday either.


I used to have this conversation with my old boss and friend every single week. I said I struggled with Mondays, because it felt like a chore, and that time went so much slower than any other day of the week, but Tuesdays were wonderful because I’d conquered Monday so that was proof I could conquer anything. Her views were slightly different, she tackled Monday with energy and enthusiasm, which was drained from her during the course of the day, so by Tuesday she felt deflated, thus declaring Tuesday as the worst day of the week.


We will never agree on that, but hey ho. If you’re like me and want to banish those Monday Blues then read on my friends!


I’ve perfected a few techniques to ease the pain slightly and help me power through that Monday feeling.



  1. Prep a delicious lunch Sunday evening for Monday. Treat yourself to your favourite things.
  2. Plan something exciting for that evening, perhaps coffee with a friend? Or an hour to sit and watch that new TV programme you’re into? Maybe even a trip to the cinema? the world is your oyster.
  3. Wear something that makes you feel good. Nothing puts a smile on my face like wearing a pretty dress.
  4. Schedule something fun for the weekend, and focus on that. Get through today then I’m a day closer to …
  5. Go to bed at a reasonable time Sunday night. Being tired only exasperates those Monday Blues.



I sincerely hope my 5 little tricks help you in at least a little way!




Nicole x


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