Moving On – Option 5

Moving On

Super-Secret Stalker


There is no denying that at some point in our lives, we’ve all had a little snoop on an ex. Maybe he popped up on your ‘People you may know’ list on Facebook. Perhaps someone you know tagged him in a photo on Instagram, or maybe, just maybe, you sought him out on your own accord. Hey, I’m not judging.


I have definitely taken this to an extreme at least once in my life. When that mean, smelly, man disappeared and left me without so much as a toodle-pip, I took to the internet to track him down and get that closure I was so desperate for.


In my heart, he’d just moved, but in my head I knew there was something more to it. I looked for him on Facebook – nothing, I looked for his family on Facebook and found one of them. I studied her profile, friends list and photos trying to determine what was going on, to no avail.


I tried Twitter – no tweets for the last 8 months. I searched high and low for him on Instagram and found diddly squat. He had literally fallen off the face of the online world.


I remembered him talking about a friend, a woman, with whom he went to school with and bumping into her a few months earlier, so I started my search again, for her.


Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner.


However, I may have found what I was looking for, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. That horrible, horrible man had been in a relationship with this woman for the last 10 months of our relationship.


I thought I was a good secret agent, but this guy takes the cake with his double life.


Long story short, her Facebook listed her employer and was very tempted to send her a letter warning her about her boyfriend’s loose morals. I didn’t, and a small part of me will always regret that but I took the high road and forced myself to move on and get over it.


Just call me Nancy Drew. I’ll be off to complete my spy school application.




Nicole x


One thought on “Moving On – Option 5

  1. I think if someone says they have never stalked someone a little, they are liars. LOL. I had a guy move to NY once because OK was just too hard on his sinuses and allergies. Weird, but ok…. he deleted me off FB, but when I went to peek about a week later, he was in a relationship already, dated like 2 weeks before he moved!!!! Jackass.


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