DIY Heart Cushion

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Hand stitched with love, and a few cuss words…

I picked this little packet up on a recent trip to my favourite shop, yup, you guessed it… The Range. I looked at it and thought, yeah I can totally make my own cushions.

I wouldn’t say I was 100% correct in that statement, but I gave it a bloody good go!

To begin with, I cut the hearts out with a centimeter of white fabric round the outside.

I then placed one heart on top of the other, patterned side facing inwards.


I stitched round the outside leaving a 3 centimeter gap.


Then I turned the heart inside out, exposing the pattern.


Then it was stuffing time, I packed as much damn stuffing into that little heart, filling it with more love than it could handle… (resulting in a few busted stitches.)


Finally I stitched that little gap up and viola, one misshapen heart cushion.


I mean, not bad for a first attempt, but this as confirmed that I should not take up a career as a seamstress any time soon!

A friend actually popped over for a coffee this weekend and told me my heart shaped cushion looked more like something else, if I held it upside down. Upon closer inspection, she is right and I have created a floral, ballbag cushion.

But at least I tried! šŸ™‚

Hope you’ve enjoyed my poor attempt at cushion making!

You could make any shape cushion you wanted, but for now, I think I’ll leave the sewing to the professionals!


Nicole x



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