17 Viennese Whirls?!

In the Kitchen

Biscuit Week

Week two of GBBO is one of my favourites, biscuit week. I love a good biscuit, I really do, and as promised I did attempt the technical challenge.

I used the same recipe, linked here and crossed my fingers, toes and everything else I could cross to be honest.

I didn’t go into this one with high confidence. I half expected them to look like pancaked dog poops to be frank. My only saving grace would be to smother them in buttercream and hope that made them half tasty.

To begin with, I made one hell of a mess creaming the icing sugar and butter together. In fact, I’m sitting here right now typing this when I should be clearing away the utter devastation in my kitchen, but cest la vie.


Mixing the flour into the butter and icing sugar mixture.


This isn’t even half of the damage. but aren’t these mixing bowls so damn cute? £12 in Asda for the set of 3, bargain!

Once I’d baked all the batches of Viennese whirls, after popping them in the fridge for 10 minutes of course, I began matching them up with similar looking whirls. Who needs to draw guide lines on baking paper anyway? Me that’s who, and because I didn’t, I have Viennese whirls of varying sizes, ranging from dolls tea party to giants mid morning snack. But who cares, the fact that they’re all different shapes makes them look more homemade. Also aren’t we taught not to discriminate against colour and size? Just saying.


I’m just super happy they retained their swirls after their 14 minute stint in the oven!

I then piped the buttercream and sandwiched them together, tasting the buttercream before each one, to y’know, make sure it hadn’t gone off or something like that. (Side note, feeling a little sick from all that sugar right now.)



I then repeated this 17 times until I ended up with this:



Ngl, I a little bit want to lick the screen right now. They are delicious!

Once again, I’ll be sharing these round the office because if they stay here with me I may have to eat them all. Totes not compliant with the Clean and Lean lifestyle I’m trying to lead.

By the time this post goes live, these little beauties would have made their journey from my house to the office and hopefully made some accountants very happy!

Not quite looking forward to bread week… but I might get to tick something off of my 30 before 30 list!


Nicole x


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