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Home Inspiration – Zoella Edition


For the last week, all I have seen are photos of the beautiful Zoella Apartment (perhaps because I stalk the @ZoellaLifestyle social media pages), and let me tell you, before I saw those photos I didn’t believe in love at first sight.


Last week I posted this blog about the long awaited completion of my flat, and I was so, so happy with it! Until I saw the Zoella Lifestyle range and now I feel the need to revamp my place and incorporate so many of those stunning products.


The first thing that caught my eye (and I screenshot and sent to the fam-a-lam whatsapp group captioned NEED) was the ‘Naps Fix Everything’ cushion. Oh, my damn, do I need that in my life. The best thing is it fits per-fect-ly with my bedroom colour scheme. So mum, dad, if you’re reading (which let’s face it, I’m probably standing over you now, making sure you read this) this is on my Christmas list!



Next, the travel cup. This is everything a tea addict like me needs in the morning! I watched Zoe’s vlog showing us around the apartment, and everything she said about this cup spoke to me. It screws on, no more risk of spilling drinks everywhere when you think you’ve popped the lid on securely. Definitely know this one from personal experience. To top it off, the words are just so damn cute, ‘Topped with cream and sprinkles’ I get the feeling that just sipping from that cup as I trek into London on a Tuesday morning will brighten my day! Another addition to the Christmas list (yes, I am 24 and yes I still write a list, how else will Santa know to get all my stocking presents from Zoella Lifestyle!).


I cannot write this post without mentioning those candles and diffusers. You all know how much I love a good candle, and about my small addiction to diffusers. If you don’t, have a little recap on this blog post! Now, I haven’t had the good fortune of actually going to the Apartment and experiencing the smells for myself, but I can only imagine how gorgeous they are! But just to be sure, every scent of candle and diffuser has also been added to my Christmas List… for … research purposes (?)


Stationery. Oh my, literally stationery heaven. Words cannot describe how much more organised my life would be if I had every single piece of stationery in that apartment. The notepad and post-its are top of my list, very closely followed by everything else. Need, need, need!


The last thing I want to talk about is the pots. Those pots though! Aren’t they just so adorable? I especially love the marbled one. Now, we all know I have a hard time keeping plants alive, but perhaps with such a beautiful pot, I might be more inclined to remember to water my plant? Or I’ll just get a fake one? Either way, that pot needs to be on display in my flat ASAP.


All photos have been sourced from @ZoellaLifestyle on Twitter and Instagram.




Nicole x




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