My Favourite Tinder Shutdowns


I feel like I’ve really grown and developed as a person over the last year. I’m much more mature and can adult with the best of them (look out for a blog post about my adulting skills!)

Y’know, I’m 24 now, I should really be at the point where I’m getting my act together. Its a real chore, but slowly things seem to be coming together. I’ve really embraced hitting my mid-twenties and feel as though I’ve propelled myself into being a fully functioning adult.

The same cannot be said for some frequent flyers on Air Tinder.




Sexists on Tinder who ask me for sex,

stupid drunk lads that look like my ex,

Shutting them down and making them frown,

these are a few of my favourite things…


These are just a few conversation stoppers. I’ve got a fair few more, so I may well do a part 2!


Nicole x


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