Moving on – Option 4

Moving On



Definitely the unhealthiest option, but I’m being brutally honest. When things ended with a long term boyfriend, I coupled this option with crying and became the world’s drunkest baby.


I’d get in from work, walk straight to the fridge and pour myself a nice cold glass of memory eraser wine. I’d then get in my PJs, swipe the wine glass and bottle from the kitchen and sit in the lounge drinking until I couldn’t remember why I was drinking *Disclaimer, this not the best way to deal and definitely not advisable, I’m just sharing what I have done in the past*.


I’m pretty sure at certain points I ditched the wine glass altogether and took to necking it straight from the bottle. Classy, I know. That part hasn’t changed, I’m still just as classy now.


It helped for a little while, but waking up the next morning certainly wasn’t my friend. Sobering up meant that the negative thoughts could find their way back in, couple that with a killer wine hangover and you’ve got yourself a crisis.


In November 2014 I decided to stop drinking during the week. It was making me more miserable having to deal with everything with a pounding head and alcohol tummy.


I then actually took a few months off of alcohol all together and really started to feel much healthier.


I learned from that mistake, no one is going to drive me to a place where I feel that alcohol is the only answer ever again.


When and if I have a drink it’s because I want one, not because I need one!



Nicole x


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