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Arting things up with a few crayons and a hairdryer!


After making those Wine Glass Candles last week, I found myself to have an abundance of crayons left over. That being the case, I searched the internet for a crafty use for them, and this is what I found:


I’m not sure what the correct name is, but I’ve called it Melty Crayon Art and I love it!


To begin with, I sorted my crayons into a colour order I liked the look of, and then set to work hot glue gunning them to the top of a canvas I cheaply purchased from the Range (Obvs my favourite shop right now.)


With my music blasting out killer tunes, I had my crayons stuck down in no time. Taking a step back to admire my work I took a few snapshots.


Then came the fun part. I angled the canvas slightly, with the crayon end raised and started blasting it with my hairdryer. Apparently hot crayon wax is not easy to control and manoeuvre, but that just adds to the artiness I think.



Being a huge Disney fan, I wanted to incorporate that into my Crayola master piece. I thought Pocahontas would be fitting, y’know paint with all the colours of the wind and all that. So I jumped back online to find a silhouette of the Disney Princess to use as a template.


Supes sorry about this image quality. Apparently you can count on me to delete the wrong photo. 🙂

A little bit of black paint and patience and this was the end result:


Art by Nicole. Aged 24 and 5 months.

Have any of you tried Melty Crayon Art? Is that what its even called?



Nicole x




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