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GBBO style Jaffa Cakes with a Twist


I’ve been truly inspired by GBBO, baking life back into my TV screen. So I decided that I wanted to emulate each Technical Challenge.


I’m an amateur baker, and an average one at that, so this is really going to be pushing me out of my comfort zone.


The first week’s Technical was actually one of my all-time favourite treats… the humble Jaffa Cake! *Mouth watering just thinking about their orangey goodness!* I jumped online this weekend to get the full recipe that the contestants were given and set off to the shops to buy all my ingredients.


I will link the recipe here.


Here is my progress as I began assembling my Jaffa Cakes:





For a twist on some of them, I added a thin layer of chocolate orange butter cream, because I like to live dangerously, and I could. I have to admit, I quite liked them! Let me know if you try that too.


Now, I live on my own, my parents don’t eat sugar and my sister hates chocolate orange. Being the responsible adult that I am, I’ve taken the remaining Jaffa cakes into the office to share, but not before creating what I know to be the greatest damn milkshake in the history of the world (*Slight exaggeration, but it is pretty tasty!)


I added:

A cup of vanilla ice cream

A cup of Chocolate Soya Milk

2 homemade jaffa cakes

A table spoon of Marmalade


To a blender and pulsed until mostly smooth.


I then transferred into a mason Jar I’d decorated with melted chocolate, added whipped cream chocolate shavings and half a Jaffa Cake for decoration.



Can you say sickly? But so so worth it! I got that idea from following Jaffa Cake on Facebook. You know I’ve got my priorities right!


Next week I’m tackling Viennese Whirls… wish me luck!




Nicole x


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