August Faves


New month, new Faves to recap!

What a month August has been folks, from GBBO back on our screens to the beautiful sunshine gracing our lives, its safe to say August has been a goodun.

Here are a few things I have been loving this month…

Starting with food, true to form, I have been enjoying a wealth of treats this month, but this is something that really took me back to the days of 5p Freddo Frogs.

I’m talking of course about Chocolate Dips.

Oh my freaking gosh, I felt like I was a child again. Its been years since I’ve seen one and even longer since I’ve actually eaten one, so naturally I had to treat myself to a pot or two, which fitted in perfectly with the rest of my shopping which consisted of salad and fruit. I almost looked so healthy.

choc dips

The next thing I need to share with you are these flipping trousers!

Now, I’m much more of a skirt and dress person than I am a trouser person, but when I saw these beauties hanging on the side in Asda on my weekly shop, I had to take a closer look, and what did I see? They were only 10 blimming pounds. Unfortunately it was about 10pm and the changing rooms were closed, and I couldnt buy them without trying them on, so there, in the middle of the clothing section in Asda, I slipped these little gems on over my tights. Totally worth nearly flashing all of the 4 other customers doing their late night shop because these trousers can be dressed up, or down. I’ve worn them to work paired with a blazer, and out with friends with a nice top and a leather jacket. Talk about a great way to spend a tenner!


I can’t do a favourites post without mentioning this Lipstick.

Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick in the colour Flora.

This has been taking pride of place on my lips pretty much every damn day. I’m a huge fan of berry tone lipsticks, but find them too harsh in the summer, so I used to find myself wearing very plain lips, which is nice, but sometimes I want that statement lip. Now that I’ve found this colour, I feel like I can get the best of both worlds (and with my Arbonne discount, things just keep getting better and better!)


Pintrest. With the revamp of the blog and the decision to incorporate one arts and crafts post a week, I’ve totally jumped on the pintrest train all the way down to imagination avenue. I’m sure you’ve read my ‘I have no Talent’ post, so you’ll know I’m not the handiest of people, but I do enjoy trying, and thats all that matters, right?

So that being said I’ve spent a few hours a week browsing through all the exciting and creative things people have done, wishing that I had enough patience/skill/concentration to recreate them. I keep adding things I want to try to my board and have ended up with enough ideas to fuel blog posts for the next 4 months! Thank you Pintrest!



I cannot finish this post without mentioning GBBO.

That empty hole in my heart has now been filled with cake, innuendos and the hope of receiving a Paul Hollywood handshake. I’ve been a fan since the first series and my heart breaks a little when it finishes for the year. I’m elated to see that white tent back on my TV. To celebrate my rekindling of my love for Bake off and baking in general, I have added another new scheduled blog series, appearing on Sundays where I bake something, even if it turns out awful I’ll still post it, if it can’t be eaten, at least it might make someone laugh?


Those are the main things I’ve been loving throughout August, of course there are so so many more things I’ve been enjoying but these were the main ones that stuck out for me.

Hope you’ve enjoyed!!

Love Nicole x


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