Tinder Re-Match


A few months ago, I went on a date with a guy from Tinder, I didn’t blog it because there was actually nothing to say about it. It was short, boring and ultimately didn’t lead to a second date, or any further contact in fact.

I filed him in the failed dates column and never gave him a second thought. Well, until last month, I was browsing plenty of fish one evening and I saw that I had a new view. How exciting. I tapped the screen to show me which handsome prince was contemplating whisking me off on his white horse, but as usual I was disappointed with the result. It was the guy from that date. Perhaps he was just curious to see what my profile said, after our dull date? I shrugged it off, then switched my attention to Tinder, gotta get on that Husband Hunt so that means getting my swipe on.

So I’m frantically swiping through the sea of shirtless selfies and group photos when a face that I recognised graced my screen. Its only that guy from the boring date. My swiping finger poised ready to strike when I had a thought. Should I swipe right to see if he’s swiped right on me again? Nah….. oh go on then.

He only bloody had! I know I’m a catch, but after our snoozefest of  a date, I had assumed that he had drawn the same conclusion that I had. He was a nice enough bloke, but the only reason I’d want to speak with him again is if my insomnia flared up and I needed a monotone voice telling me in detail about the paperwork he was filing.


Safe to say I unmatched him then and there, and will not be swiping right if I see him again!


Love Nicole x


2 thoughts on “Tinder Re-Match

  1. I have an opposite problem, sort of. I dated this guy I met on POF for a while. I really liked him and e got along really well, except he was really bad at adulting. He just was very ambivalent about everything. Including me. I never felt like he really cared if I was there or not. We broke up and tried dating again several months later, same thing. So I decided that was it. I liked him a lot but I deserve better. But I can’t get rid of him on those sites! He keeps popping up on all of them, and he’s always on the top match list because we’re so compatible.


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    1. Sounds like you’re far too good for him lovely! Its hard when you’re on two completely different levels with regards to maturity and attitude. The right one will come along and make you forget all about he who cannot commit! x


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