Why am I single?

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Oh that age old question that has haunted me for years, prompting tears, tantrums and ultimately tequila.


Because I am oh-so original, I decided to let the internet put me out of my misery and tell me why I’m still ticking that ‘single’ box on all forms known to man.


I went on to this website, and set out to answer every damn question as honestly as possible.


Cue classic Bridget Jones photo.


  1. You’re sat in a café and an attractive guy keeps glancing at you. How do you react?


Totes the last one, I mean, I’m just trying to enjoy my Skinny Caramel Macchiato without this guys eyes assessing my every damn move. Weirdo..

2.  When you complain about your singleton status, what do you friends tend to say to you?


Quick whatsapp to the girls and its decided, the top one, definitely the top one.

3. How do you react when you fancy someone?


Option 3. #ShamelessFlirt

4. How would you define your ideal man?


Level 25 PokeMaster wasn’t an option, so had to go for the 3rd one.

5. Where would your ideal date be?


Who doesn’t like getting to know someone over copious amounts of alcohol. Option 3

6. You spot him at the shops, but he doesn’t see you. What do you do?


Definitely the third … but it wouldn’t be milk, it’d be wine.

7. He’s called you while you’re out with your friends but you accidentally missed it – what do you do now?


Torn between the 1st and third. My sister said is there a 4th option that says ‘Ha, friends?’
Going to with the third option.

8. When you’re talking about guys, you often say:


These answers are pants. I want one half way between the top two. But as I don’t want to look too big headed, I’mma go ahead and pick the 2nd.

*Drum roll*

And the results are in… I am single because ….



Damn straight I am.


I like this quiz.

Singletons, let me know your results 🙂

My sister said that all of the results are probably the same in a bid to boost self esteem. I don’t care, the truth is there in black and white, I’m Perfect. 😉


Nicole x





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