You want to Huffle My Puff?

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Taking Harry Potter Chat up Lines too far?


Yes, yes I know I love a good Harry Potter puns, heck my trip to Harry Potter Studios was full to the brim with Puns and Innuendos. I just can’t get enough.



If I ever were to meet a man who could spit HP Puns with the best of them, I’d have to make him the Harry to my Ginny.


That being said, there are two tones to a HP chat up, and I’ve become somewhat of an expert over the last year. Sometimes it doesn’t suit the person, sometimes it’s downright embarrassing…


This guy started off so well. I was impressed. I felt compelled to reply and engage in a magical conversation.




Then it took a turn.


Firstly, you can’t be in two houses. FFS, be real.

Secondly, why did you feel the need to add a winky face? Could that sentence have been misconstrued as something other than a sexual innuendo?

Finally, use the actual word. No need to hyphenate and add an additional ‘o’ I’m pretty sure any diehard HP fan, such as myself would make the connection from Gryffindor to door.


My face is actually that emoji right now. Y’know the one with the dead pan, unimpressed, secret murder-ey eyes.


This one:



Anyway, I thought it only apt to shut him down, Hogwarts style.



Hope you’ve enjoyed, it’s been a while since a Tinder inspired post, and you all know how much I aDumbledore them.




Nicole x




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