You’ve lost that Loving Feeling … Wooah


That’s right, that is definitely a reference to Top Gun. I mean what else could it be? Aside from my disastrous relationship failings.


Friday night I went along with some of the girls from the office to Cromwell Manor in Pitsea, Essex for the Outdoor Cinema showing of that 80’s Classic, Top Gun, hosted by Films Under the Stars. Armed with my Asda special Aviators and my trusty, old leather jacket I definitely looked the part. Well until I had to take the Aviators off and put my normal glasses on so I could see 5 foot in front of my face, and it was getting dark so no need for Sunglasses unless you’re hiding from the law, which I’m obviously not.



Fortunately the weather held out and my white summer dress stayed white. The gates opened at 7 and the film started when the sun was setting to allow for the best light for the film, that ended up being around 9pm. Us gals were more than prepared with our blankets, camping chairs, cushions, food, drink and of course brollys… it is England after all. We were super lucky with the weather and those brollys remained securely stored away in our bags.



For £11 a head (including complimentary popcorn – winning!) it’s not a bad price for an evening out. Of course, if you wanted to buy more food there, that was an option but the prices were a little higher than if you’d pre planned and brought snacks like we did. That being said I did splurge on lots of naughty treats from the supermarket, because y’know, YOLO.



I have never been to an Outdoor Cinema before, but after that I would not hesitate to go again. If you go to the normal cinema, you’ll pay something between £9 and £15 a head (depending on cinema and seats) and you have to do that semi awkward sneaking snacks and drinks in because buying them at the cinema will tip you over the edge to bankruptcy. The Outdoor Cinema was reasonably priced and allowed the flexibility of bringing your own food, whether that be Pick ‘n’ Mix from Wilkinsons/Tescos (Oh Gosh, why didn’t I think to do that as well!) or a full blown picnic, complete with salads/cold meats and even a homemade quiche if you so wish…(mum, next time I go will you make me a quiche?)


I had a wonderful time with the girls and will definitely be booking up for the next one. The Tech Gypsy told me about one in Australia where you’re floating in a pool watching Jaws. I’ll take 2 tickets please, and a return flight.


I totes snapchatted the whole evening, so if you’re not following me and would like to, hit me up xxNicoleLouisex sometimes I’m funny.


If anyone wants more information about Films under Stars, click here to go to their website.




Nicole x




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