PokémonGO Date


This is potentially going to divide opinions, but this is an honest space.


I’ve heard a few people bat around the term ‘PokémonGO date’ (now to be known as PokéDate) and you know what, I would totally be down for that. Couple it with a genuinely nice location to walk and catch those pesky Pokémon and I’m your girl – perhaps even a cheeky Nandos afterwards? All that walking is going to make a girl hungry!


Throw in a couple of Pokémon chat up lines and I’m practically planning our Pokémon themed wedding 😉


Wild pokemo


I’ve done dinner, drinks, and even the zoo (although that was a sorry excuse for a date if I ever did see.) so to be very truthful, getting outside and catching some bitching Pokémon sounds perfect. It’s multipurpose, I get some exercise, fill up more of my sad looking Pokédex and find out how he handles the rage of losing that gym battle!


If it goes well, I’ve got a Pokémon partner, if it goes badly, I’ve potentially got some new Pokémon intel to help me on my way.




I legit cannot see the bad side of this!


So, Pokémasters from near and far, you know what you need to do! 😉








12 thoughts on “PokémonGO Date

                    1. First things first, I guess I really jynx-ed myself accepting that trophy prematurely. Secondly, if its weeping, its definitely not a victorybell-end.

                      Not going to lie, that tickled me more than it should have!


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