Mr Hot and Cold’s return

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You may, or may not remember the tales of the indecisive Mr Hot and Cold, one minute he wanted me, the next he wanted nothing to do with me.


I said back then that I didn’t have time to worry about other peoples mood swings, and that is still very true.


Friday evening, I was at my parents, getting ready to head home when my phone rang, it was an unknown mobile number, I thought it might be a business call so I answered it. I recognised the voice on the other end of the line, but couldn’t place it. The voice at the end kept jabbering away, all the while I’m thinking how long is too long to wait before asking who someone is? And why won’t he stop talking?


When he finally shut up; I bit the bullet and asked;


“Sorry, but who is this?”


“Its ‘J’.”


I thought for a second it was Mr Hot and Cold, but, no, it couldn’t be, I’d blocked him from everywhere.


“J, who?”


Then he confirmed it. He asked how I was, about my job (that he got completely wrong) and about my flat, I gave short responses, still trying to figure out what he wanted.


He finally told me what he wanted, and that was to go out for a lemonade with me that evening. I declined. He suggested the next day, I declined again. I thought he got the hint. I thought wrong. 30 minutes after abruptly ending the call, I received a text. By this time I was home, alone.


The text read “what are you doing tomorrow? Xx”


I replied, telling him I was busy. Fully intending on blocking this number, when I got side tracked by the kettle boiling. No sooner had I squeezed the life out of my tea bag and chucked it haphazardly into the bin, did my phone ring.


I didn’t rush to it, no one exciting ever calls me, and if past patterns were anything to go by, it’d be my mum.


For the second time that evening, I was wrong.


One missed call 07…… the same number he’d called me from earlier that night. Why wouldn’t he take the hint? Just as I started the procedure to block him, again, he started calling, again.


I dropped my phone and let it continue to ring. I started to get a little creeped out and my imagination ran over time! I made sure my front door was locked just turned my phone off.


It was actually quite refreshing not to have my phone on. I just sat with my cup of tea and watched San Andreas until I inevitably fell asleep on the sofa.


I woke up the next day, and didn’t bother turning my phone on again until early evening, and even then I left it in the kitchen while I pottered around the house. When I did finally check my phone, I found 4 missed calls from Mr Hot and Cold.


Blocked – for the second time.


Let’s just phone he doesn’t resort to Pidgeon post or just turning up at my house!







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