Online Dating Disorder

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Online Dating Disorder.

Symptoms include:

Unhealthy increase in confidence

Inability to filter own thoughts to form appropriate sentences

Distorted opinion of own aesthetics

Increased irritability when messages are seen and not replied to

Slight paranoia

In extreme cases – stalker like tendencies.

If you start to experience any of these symptoms it is very important that you take the following steps:


Put your phone/computer down

Pour a large glass of wine (Wine can be substituted for alternative alcoholic beverage)


ODD is becoming more and more common in todays world. With dating apps available at every turn the ability to meet people organically has been compromised.

I was talking to a guy I met on Tinder, when he said he recognised me from somewhere. Turns out he thinks he has seen me in a bar that we both frequent, he seemed shocked when I said I obviously hadn’t made much of an impression as he hadn’t come over to say hello. Apparently he’d look like a ‘mug’ if he approached me without knowing who I was.

I said that its normal to get chatting to people at a bar, he said not to him.

Prime example right there of Keyboard Confidence, a disability heavily associated with ODD. Despite his apparent inability to approach people in person, the conversation flowed remarkably well. Eventually we changed numbers and continued the chat via Text.

He seemed very confident and teetered on the edge of unattractively self-assured, but managed to keep me laughing, which put him back in the potentials column.

ODD manifests itself in a multitude of ways, but it is a disease that multiplies quicker than you can type a sordid message to a match on PoF. It is curable, but only after months of therapy and a fair few bottles of wine.

Unfortunately the cure isn’t as simple as meeting a partner and forming a fully functioning relationship. ODD is something that can lay dormant for a considerable time, only triggered again by a disagreement with your partner, which sends you straight back online.

OOD has a variety of severities, it starts with a little white lie, using an image that you know hides your flaws, it then grows with the compliments, the profile likes and messages to inflate your ego to an unhealthy size where if it almost impossible to contain the arrogance, then it happens, without being able to filter your words, arrogance streams out like a waterfall of bullshit.






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    1. I’m not sure I’m the right person to give pointers? I’m just all about the sass and being myself. Your friend has a lovely writing technique with the right amount of sassiness. I’m totes following her now. 🙂

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