5 Simple Steps to Finding and Keeping a Partner

Just The Tip

There are 5 easy to follow steps to securing yourself a man/woman, follow them and you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Step One: Lower those standards


There is always one person in the relationship that ‘settles’. The other person will naturally feel the need to work harder to maintain the relationship. You always want to be the ‘settler’ that way you’ll be treated like the prince/princess that you are.

Princess Emoji.png


Step Two: Follow them around


People love puppies, so following your love interest around like a little lost one is sure to melt his/her heart. Flutter those eyelids and whimper occasionally, just to let them know you’re still there, and need attention.

Heart Eyes.png


Step Three: Learn to cook


Everyone wants to be taken care of, so whipping up a glorious spread of chicken dippers and chips with a side of beans is definitely showing your love interest that you are partner material. Just don’t burn those chips!

Chip Emoji.png


Step Four: Keep those options open


Don’t limit yourself to just one, find a couple of men/women who take your fancy and pursue them simultaneously, this gives you a far better success rate. If one doesn’t reciprocate your interest, then move on to the next one. Much like a conveyer belt of potential partners.

 people emoji.GIF


Step Five: Relax


Disregard everything you have read in the above and focus on your own happiness. If you aren’t happy in yourself, how can you expect someone else to be happy with you?


Smile emoji


There are some things in life you just cannot rush, and finding ‘the one’ is definitely one of those. Stop looking and I guarantee you’ll be happier and more likely to find your special one.


Good Luck






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