The Great Tinder Scavenger Hunt 2016

Fun and Games

I’ve been on and off tinder in total 2 years now. At the beginning I was timid and didn’t know how to react to vulgar comments from these strange men. I didn’t appreciate being accosted by a man I didn’t know, and I certainly didn’t feel confident enough to actually meet with these alien beings.


Now, look at me, I’m tindering like a pro. I get called derogatory names on a semi daily basis, and I dish out curt and in my opinion hilarious remarks almost as frequently.


But now, guys and girls of tinder, I implore you to take note of these odd bods that grace your smartphone screen, and join me in the great Tinder Scavenger Hunt of 2016.


Here is the Scavenger Hunt list: (don’t worry, they range in difficulty)

Easy Level:

1. No Photo Profile

2. Only has a group photo

3. Faceless photo – body shot

4. Opens conversation with demand for sexual activity

5. Married/ In a relationship – openly admits it

6. Wants to Whatsapp/KiK immediately

7. Cheesy chat up line (Bonus points for Harry Potter related ones 😉 )

8. Asks for nudes

9. Selfie with a Tiger

10. Being invited to some variation of ‘Netflix and Chill’


11. Is only looking for sex

12. Thinks he or she is the new Christian Grey (dom/sub situation requested)

13. Someone you genuinely know (offline) – (Bonus points if they match with you )

14. All photos are with them and a friend, and you think you’ve swiped right on the friend, not the actual person!

15. Asks you on a date, never follows through

16. Has matched with your friends, flirts with you all.

17. Profile says ‘not looking for a hook up’ – asks you for a hook up

18. Gym Selfie

19. Pouting selfie

20. A Business page


21. No photo – just image of text explaining their want for a fuck buddy.

22. Backhanded compliment

23. Profile picture with Facebook edit (i.e rainbow, football club etc)

24. Link to instagram in description

25. Phone number in description

26. Blatantly honest description of what they are looking for.

27. Reference to sexual activity in description

28. Match, then end up being thousands of miles away

29. Match, then end up stalking you. (Facebook friend requests, twitter follows, actually finding you in person etc)

30. Married/In a relationship and tries to hide it

Bonus point: Achieving a date, no matter how shit it might be!

Extra Bonus Point if you find me! haha

Let me know how many out of these you get, and if you can  think of any more!



Single in South Essex





5 thoughts on “The Great Tinder Scavenger Hunt 2016

    1. Totally, I thought I didn’t make it gender specific, but I may have in my haste and through tired eyes done just that! please please please tell me it was the harry potter chat up line bonus point?? 🙂


  1. Haha! No, the bonuses were matching with someone I know, and scoring a date. Not with the same person.

    Nobody’s tried to Harry Potter me. As a man, I’m expected to make the first move every time (annoying), then I’m usually ignored for a week and then I delete them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Such a shame! I love a good Harry Potter chat up. Slitherin to my Chamber of Secrets, I a-Dumbledore you, all that. It genuinely makes my day! I like to treat my matches every now and again to a Harry Potter themed chat up. You’re clearly missing out!


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