2nd Hand Tinder


Like smoking, Tinder can be addictive. The thrill of a new match, the adrenaline of swiping right and waiting to see if they’ve liked you too. Even the cheesy chat-ups and crude comments become addictive, always looking for the best chat-up line or most hilariously offensive comment.


I’ve been absent from Tinder (and all dating sites) since October, when I met the Chef. I thought I would have a hard time kicking the habit, but in truth I didn’t. I didn’t miss the ping of notifications or the amusing profiles. I still don’t.


But as with any addiction, there are numerous ways to get your fix. My personal favourite is Second hand Tindering. Friends of mine, who are single, still use the app, and so much to my delight they share their horrific encounters with me.


Seeing the screenshots is almost as good as the real thing, a favourite of mine was sent to me by my oldest and best friend, she was matched with a guy, who for all intensive purposes must have seemed normal, I mean, she swiped right on him after all.


Here is a little snippet from this extremely one sided Tinder conversation.


It seems that poor ol’ Sam was so concerned with obtaining a reply from my lovely friend, he disregarded the double text rule and went straight in for the kill with Seven messages in a row, all going unanswered.


Well buddy, if she didn’t reply to your first, I’d be extremely surprised if she replies to your 7th. Better luck next time Sunshine.




Single in South Essex




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