Mr Muscles, Mr Hot and Cold and the rest …


Obviously I have refrained from online dating since meeting the Chef, I say refrained, it wasn’t really much of an effort, because I didn’t (and still don’t) feel the want or desire to log back in and check for any new matches or messages. I literally am not interested in what is going on in the world of online dating.


That being said, my absence in the online dating world hasn’t prevented or deterred previous suitors from reaching out and contacting me on a semi regular basis.


Mr Muscles insists on snapchatting me on an almost daily basis. Some are clearly sent to multiple recipients, others not so much, they’re more recipient specific.  Considering how well we did get on via text, it was a little odd when he disappeared off the face of the earth. He’s clearly realised what he was missing out on and over the last few weeks has tried to climb back in to my dating life… too little too late buddy, take your semi professional rugby playing-self and jog on.


Mr Hot and Cold, the man that doesn’t give up. Blocked, Blocked, Blocked, but he always finds a way! I’m promoting him to a level 5 stalker now. Pretty sure we are only a few weeks away from drive bys and ‘accidental’ bump in tos. He’s already started on the 1am, 2am, 3am phone calls. Not even drop calls, but full blown calls. I even answered one and left it on the side, wasting his minutes, not mine. He stayed on the line for a good 20 seconds before realising I wasn’t going to speak and then hung up.

I’m pretty sure I have now blocked all ways of communication from him, I’m just waiting for the carrier pigeons to start arriving now.


There are a couple of others who drop me the occasional text, which goes unanswered. Those dates were nothing to write home about, generic chit chat, a few drinks and no attraction from my part. These are purely harmless and the guys seemed nice enough to me, but there was no pull, no desire to see them again, so I didn’t waste my time or theirs trying to find something that never existed in the first place.


I’m definitely not missing my online presence. In fact, I’m quite looking forward to the day I don’t have to check that ‘single’ box on any paperwork. Don’t get me wrong, I’m under no illusions that it’ll be anytime soon, I’m just optimistic that one day it’ll happen!




Single in South Essex




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