Mr PT and his verbal diarrhea


This man is easily the most infuriating man I have ever come in to contact with.
I can take the jabs about my weight or the comments on my aesthetics, but his latest article really takes the cake (literally right out of my mouth, I was so shocked I dropped it). He’s written an essay about how he feels unemployed because he loves his job. Ok, there are a number of things wrong with that. My dad loves his job, but not once in my 23 years on this planet has he ever said to me he feels unemployed. Enjoying your job means you’re one of  the lucky ones that can earn a living doing something you like. I don’t hate my job, but I don’t love it either, so I guess I’m in the majority.

He finished his poorly edited and severely grammatically incorrect essay off with disclosing his annual salary. No, no no no, oh god, no. Why would you do that?! For the people reading it that are unemployed or struggling to make ends meat, how is that supposed to motivate people? He prides himself on being a motivator and his ability to get the best out of people. Well, right now he is getting my best efforts at a restrained but critical blog.

He needs to do himself a favour, and take some of that exceptionally large salary and buy himself some etiquette lessons. Better yet, I’ll give him some for free and tell him that if you’ve got terrible personal skills and your only friends are your colleagues, who get paid to be around you, its got nothing to do with how hard you’re working, you’re just a prick.


Single in South Essex



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