Mr PT Part 2


Well ladies, my luck with Mr PT might just be changing. Aside from the fact that he blatantly told me I looked ugly yesterday, I think he’s got a little soft spot for my soft spots.

To clarify, we were mid spin class, I was 20 minutes down and sweating like a weight watcher in a cake shop, he looked up from his bike, made eye contact with me and said ‘If you look ugly its because you’ve exercised hard.’ I fought the urge to laugh, if that was the case I must be exercising every damn day.

He’s offering free consultations at the moment to help gym members help themselves to improve their fitness and reach their goals. He reached out to me on Facebook and asked if I’d like a consultation. Following on from my the last Mr PT blog, perhaps he does want to get me alone in the little meeting room and get better acquainted?  Or perhaps, and much more likely, he took one look at me, sweating and panting in the warm up and thought to himself, ‘Oh my, this girl needs serious help.’

Either way, I’m meeting him next week to discuss my goals and how to achieve them. I wonder if asking him how I can get skinny while indulging in Jaffa cakes daily counts as a goal?


Single in South Essex


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