Mr Loves his sister…


You might think from the title of this blog that this guy sounds lovely and caring, I would agree with you if I hadn’t spoken to him.

This guy as friendly as he is, is obsessed with his sister. Every topic of conversation he mentions her. Oh you’ve got a flat? I live with my sister. what are you up to? I’m just working and trying to sort out my sisters birthday present. Oh you’re a girl, I’ll tell you about another girl I know, my sister. She’s amazing, she’s fantastic, I wouldn’t change anything about her. I’m guessing there is one thing he’d change about her, I bet he wishes he could change the fact that they’re related.

I’ve been talking to him for a few days and its a delightful respite when his bloody sister isn’t in the conversation. Honestly, I know more about the damn girl than I do about my own sister.

A man who cares about his family is darling, but a man who will not stop talking about his sister and how amazing she is, is creepy.

I hope she loves her thousand pound birthday present, but what I hope more, is that she isn’t as in love with him as he is with her, creepy man.


Single in South Essex



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